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The ANDRIANOS company deals with gas networks since 1994. Since 1998 is the exclusive partner of Shell Gas (renamed to CORAL GAS), for bulk LPG and technical support in Messinia and Arcadia. It has built hundreds of quality LPG networks in South Peloponnese, and this is certified by TUV AUSTRIA with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Since 2001, when Andrianos started imports and wholesale trade in Greece and Cyprus, has undertaken the exclusive distribution of several leading manufacturers in the world, such as the German GOK, the American ALGAS SDI, the German WITZENMANN, and another 12 companies from Europe. Therefore Andrianos is considered today as one of the most comprehensive and largest suppliers of components for natural gas and LPG networks in both countries.

The name ANDRIANOS both in Messinia and the rest of Greece is synonymous with quality and safety in LPG and Natural Gas.

Products for LPG - Natural Gas Systems

Gok Exclusive representative of GOK Germany: Gas pressure regulators, ,kollekter for gas bottles arrays, gas meters and other components for gas networks Εξαρτήματα υγραερίου-φυσικού αερίου
Exclusive representative of Plinoxotar Italy: LPG Tanks for external or internal installation  according to the safery instractions 97/23/CE (PED) and 94/9CE (ATEX).
Algas-SDI Exclusive representative ALGAS SDI America or USA: electric gas carburettor, water, and direct combustion Εξαεριωτές υγραερίου
Witzenmann Representative WITZENMANN Germany: Stainless spiral links suitable for connection of gas appliances. Antivibration for gas. Stainless steel tubing for fuel gas networks. Ανοξείδωτοι σύνδεσμοι σπιράλ
Tecnocontrol Representative TECNOCONTROL Italy: Electromagnetic for LPG and natural gas, detectors of LPG, CO and natural gas for residential – industrial usage, stabilizers and other components of LPG - natural gas Ηλεκτρομαγνητικές υγραερίου
IVR Representative IVR Italy: Gas valves, fire valves, cast iron valves, valves with integrated thermal valve, water & lug Valves Βάνες αερίου
Representative Bosch Germany: Wall gas boilers, gas heaters
MBM Representative MBM Italy: Stainless flexible steel connectors for gas appliances, stainless steel gas antivibration, stainless steel gas connector suitable for connection to gas meters Ανοξείδωτοι εύκαμπτοι σύνδεσμοι συσκευών αερίου
Watts Representative Watts Italy: Dielectric couplings, pressure gauges, thermometers, manometers components for LPG and natural gas installations Διηλεκτρικοί σύνδεσμοι
Mertik-Maxitrol Representative MERTIK MAXITROL Germany: Gas pressure stabilizers, thermal cut gas valves and gas valves, excess flow of gaseous fuels Σταθεροποιητές πίεσης υγραερίου
Tecnogas Representative TECNOGAS Italy: Aluminum filters, gas cabinets, gas meters and various gas materials Ερμάρια αερίου
Coral-Gas Authorized representative CORAL GAS in Messinia  for bulk LPG Χύμα Υγραέριο


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