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ANDRIANOS, reaffirming for another year its vast experience and high level of know-how in the fields of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Production of Hot Water, participated in the most important international energy exhibition in our country, CLIMATHERM 2020, from 21 to 21 February 23, 2020, at the Athens Metropolitan Expo, and presented 5 different quality solutions for Energy Saving & Thermal Comfort in buildings.

ANDRIANOS will play a very active role in the largest International Exhibition in the fields of Heating, Cooling and Solar Energy, the CLIMATHERM ENERGY 2020, which will take place at the high-profile exhibition center “Athens Metropolitan Expo” from 21 to 23 of February 2020.

New technology that improves the accommodation experience and solves all problems of hosts.

Nowadays, the global trend in hotel units as well as smaller tourist homes or villas is leading to create an ever greater energy efficient, green & smart buildings. Have you ever wondered what are these "smart" properties that set them apart from the competition?

This year's exhibition XENIA was marked by the arrival of thousands of hospitality professionals, with the first data showing that the final count will show a new visitor record that will exceed 40,000. ANDRIANOS, as a pioneer in modern Thermal Energy production technologies and with years of experience in the specific requirements of hotel facilities, presented 6 different Energy Saving Solutions for Tourism Businesses, without compromising the standard of Thermal Comfort of users.

Energy Upgrading of Hotel PLAZA in Kalamata with Solar Thermal system, Heat Pumps and Smart Control of Heating - Air Conditioning & Production of DHW Systems, with savings of € 20,000 per year and depreciation in less than 2 years

Over the last few years Kalamata has experienced a tremendous tourist development, resulting in the creation of new hotels and the reconstruction of older ones. Hotel Plaza recently changed owners and the new ones chose ANDRIANOS to fully energy upgrade the hotel.

ANDRIANOS participates in the most important exhibition of Tourism Industry, XENIA 2019, from 23 to 25 of November 2019

ANDRIANOS participates in the international exhibition XENIA 2019, which takes place from 23 to 25 of November 2019 at ATHENS METROPOLITAN EXPO CENTER, at Athens Airport area.

LPG Storage Tanks Necessary Equipment & Production Process

The LPG storage tank is a stable metal pressure vessel, for gas storage, with more than 150 liters, cylindrical or spherical. LPG tanks are divided into Above ground (external) and Underground. The advantage of underground tanks is the increased fire protection, while the basic advantage of above ground tanks is the economic installation.The gas tank according to the legislation must be equipped with: Filling valve, Gaseous Phase Valve, Safety Gauge, Layout Indication Level, Pressure Relief Safety Valve, Max Level Limiter/Indicator & Fluid Relief Valve. 

The continuing education of human resources of ANDRIANOS is a core value of the company and is proven in practice by the successful completion of postgraduate studies of its four executives in Business Administration MBA

The graduation ceremony of the 4th series of Master Program in Business Administration of Hellenic Management Association and the Chamber of Messenia was held in Kalamata on Friday May 17 2019, with the participation of a large number of guests.

ANDRIANOS supported four of its executives in completing their postgraduate studies in Business Administration, focusing on the development of its human resources and enhancing the continuous effort of improvement and excellence in all its fields of activity.

The first participation of ANDRIANOS in INDELEX - SMART HOME 2019 was completed with great success

The INDELEX -SMART HOME Exhibition is considered as one of the most important events in Automation & Technology Systems and gathers the interest of thousands of visitors of this field every year.

ANDRIANOS as a pioneer in Energy Saving applications since 1994, this year presented the Smart Home system of SALUS, which represents exclusively in Greece and Cyprus.

3rd National Symposium of ANDRIANOS  Energy Saving Solutions for Heating - Cooling - Production of DHW in Modern Buildings

The 3rd consecutive National Symposium in Energy Saving of ANDRIANOS was completed with major success and great participation, an institution that has become an important and integral part of the educational activities and the operation of the company in general.

The theme of the Symposium was "Energy Saving Solutions for Heating - Cooling - Production of DHW in Modern Buildings" and was organized and hosted with the collaboration of ANDRIANOS and «Carrier AHI», «Ariston» και «Salus» companies, while has been accompanied with the anniversary celebration of 25 years since ANDRIANOS’ foundation.

25 Years ANDRIANOS – 25 Years of Thermal Comfort

ANDRIANOS, one of the most active and specialized companies in the field of Heating, Air-Conditioning and Energy Saving, celebrates 25 years since its establishment. Since 1994, provides Energy Solutions to meet the need for Thermal Comfort and Domestic Hot Water production, with modern products, quality installation and high levels of efficiency.

Successful completion of the largest HVAC industry exhibition, the ISH2019 with great acceptance and global recognition of ANDRIANOS Solar Systems

ANDRIANOS, reaffirming its extroversion, participated in the most important HVAC commercial exhibition worldwide, the ISH 2019, which was held between the 11th and the 15th of March at the Messe Franfurt exhibition venue in Frankfurt. ANDRIANOS presented, with great success, its Solar Thermal Systems with the top performance grades, in theTOP 5 worldwide, which received praiseworthy comments and the full acceptance of HVAC specialists.

ANDRIANOS participates in the most important international exhibition of HVAC and Energy Management, the ISH 2019

Τhe most important HVAC and ENERGY exhibition in the world, ISH 2019, will take place in Germany in March and ANDRIANOS will be present with Premium Quality Solar Thermal Systems. The 25 years of experience and the high expertise of ANDRIANOS guarantee modern solar thermal solutions for every need, from the smallest home or office to the largest professional-industrial building.

The 12th LPG Symposium from ANDRIANOS in Germany was completed with the best impressions

ANDRIANOS, one of the nationwide protagonists in the LPG components market since 25 years now, continuing the efforts to constantly inform its partners on modern installation techniques and gas products, has organized the annual LPG Symposium that took place from 16 to 19 January in Germany.

Modern Solutions & Efficient Systems with the fullest range of Solar Thermal Systems in Greece

ANDRIANOS has been engaged in solar thermal systems since 1994 and has products and solutions for all applications, from the simple cases of a solar heater, to the most demanding and modern systems. ANDRIANOS solar thermal products are designed and selected for high performance, quality, aesthetics, energy saving and low emissions. They are combined with the latest technologies and holistic know-how of ANDRIANOS to create Solar Thermal Systems for every requirement, from the smallest home or office to the largest professional-industrial building.

Re-certification of ANDRIANOS according to the new ISO 9001: 2015 standard, confirming our strategic choice for commitment to quality & innovation

The optimization and updating of the company processes and internal operations of ANDRIANOS Management System has been successfully completed in accordance with the revised ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

ANDRIANOS was certified for the first time in 2001 in accordance with the ISO9001 Quality Assurance Standard and its Quality System remains active and improves with ongoing re-certification.

High savings with new misting & moisture control system in Santo Wines cellars

The Santo Union of Santorini Products, founded in 1947, is one of the most dynamic Unions of Greece with 1200 members. Wine production is one of the Union's main activities and its cellars are home to high-quality wines. The phenomenon of lowering the wine level during aging in the wooden barrels was a permanent problem for Santo Wines and ANDRIANOS solved the problem of wine loss by installing a modern humidification system for the cellars.

Participation of ANDRIANOS at Exhibition Climatherm Energy 2018

With greats success was completed the largest exhibition in the fields of Heating, Cooling and Solar Energy, organized since 1992 in our country. The International Exhibition CLIMATHERM ENERGY 2018 was held at the METROPOLITAN EXPO exhibition center at "El. Venizelos" from 22 to 25 February 2018.

Educational visit of ANDRIANOS team at SALUS facilities in Poland

The visit of ANDRIANOS team at SALUS facilities in Poland is completed with great success! The purpose of this visit was to inform and train the members of ANDRIANOS team about the products of the House. Engineers of ANDRIANOS who participated, were informed for all the new products of SALUS House and exchange technical knowledge with their Polish collaborators.

Participation of ANDRIANOS in the international exhibition Climatherm Energy 2018

ANDRIANOS participates in the international exhibition CLIMATHERM ENERGY 2018 which takes place from 22 to 25 of February at ATHENS METROPOLITAN EXPO CENTER.

This is the largest exhibition in the fields of Heating, Cooling, Insulation and Solar Energy, which has been organized since 1992 in our country.


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