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How much does heating cost today?

Which fuel is the most beneficial?

How much of a role does the heat source play?

To these and other questions, the new study by ANDRIANOS answers, taking into account the current data in the energy and fuel market, as well as a multitude of different heating sources and technologies.

In many cases, it would be real convenience for our routine if we could control or program various functions of home appliances and systems remotely using only one device. At the same time, in several cases, this would provide additional security and energy-saving units in the building.

ANDRIANOS makes your life easier.

Heat pumps will power radiators, underfloor heating, and fan coils. However, controlling a heat pump raises concerns about the safety of the unit. Today we explain how to make sure that doesn’t happen.


Solar heating technology (also known as solar thermal) converts solar energy into useful heat: economically, efficiently and safely. Now, with the rising cost of energy and fuel prices, the use of solar thermal energy is more relevant than ever. Already, Solar Thermal systems are found in every home, in their simplest form, that of the solar water heater, while Central Solar Thermal Systems are the usual choice for hotel facilities where the requirements for hot water are even tougher. However, solar thermal systems also have the ability to cover a significant part of the heating needs (heating assistance), which makes them essential for all new houses in the future.

*The article by Georgios Char. Andrianos, as published in the industry magazine "The Plumber and the boiler installer - maintainer", November-December 2022.

Both European and National legislation now provides particularly strict goals for the Energy Performance of buildings, Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal Systems will soon become necessary in almost all buildings. In this article we will present the advantages and disadvantages of each system and mainly the energy impact of these two technologies.

ANDRIANOS, with hundreds of successful installations of underfloor heating in its potential, for the effective control of the system, has distinguished and offers in the Greek and Cyprus market the specialized system Salus Smart Home, which includes a wide range of devices to meet the needs of every type of installation.

In the face of the most serious international energy crisis of the last 40 years and with the daily increase in energy costs, interventions to improve the energy efficiency of buildings are now the main factor in saving energy in households.

*The article of George Char. Andrianos, as published in the special edition "Residence" of the daily newspaper of Kalamata "Eleftheria", July 2022.

A particularly common problem we encounter, in both new and old houses is the increased humidity indoors. It occurs especially in the winter months, where the low outside temperature keeps the frames and other cold parts of the building shell cold & icy, while inside the house is warm.Then the phenomenon of condensation is observed, usually on glazing and aluminium frames.

A quick and easy way to deal with high humidity inside the building is the installation of ventilation systems with heat recovery, which is much more economical (functional) compared to the other common solution, which is the use of dehumidifiers (ASSOLO consumption 5W vs Dehumidifiers 350W)

Smart Home has entered our homes for good. Creating home networks (PAN - Personal Area Networks) has become a necessity, because almost everyone today has at their fingertips solutions that improve the comfort and economy of the home: controllers, sensors, smart plugs, temperature thermostats.
Devices in the home need to work fast and be interconnected. However, in order for devices to communicate wirelessly, they need a suitable data transmission path, the so-called communication protocol. Such as ZigBee.

Radiators at home are a standard and obvious solution, but is it the best? It turns out that more and more people resign from this form of room heating. Instead, floor heating is gaining popularity - invisible, comfortable and economical. Is it really worth to invest in it? Check what advantages has such heating system.

Before we answer this question, let's explain what SALUS Smart Home is and how it works.

It is a modern system of controlling an intelligent house – including smart home products but mostly heating system. SALUS Smart Home allows you to build links between the work of home equipment (OneTouch rules) and to operate devices, also via the Internet.

The Smart Home industry is constantly growing. Safety, comfort and ecology are its foundations. But what also counts is the attractive design of the products, which fits into modern interiors. To meet your expectations, SALUS Controls has designed a unique model of temperature thermostat – Quantum.

Who will benefit from fan coils? Before us summer time - the hottest months of the year. A time when heating season is over and we are looking for ways to effectively cool down our living space or our offices. Given the current climate situation - in the summer months temperatures in Europe are almost tropical - some of you would certainly like to air condition your interiors with a single, universal device. Air-conditioning means maintaining appropriate air temperature conditions regardless of the weather and season (which means in practice: controlling heating or cooling systems). In such a situation it is worth to consider and install a fan coil units.

Heating control algorithm is nothing more than a heating scheme built in the temperature thermostat responsible for maintaining the desired temperature in the room. It decides about effectiveness and functionality of the device. Accuracy of the algorithm results in precise heating control and consequently in lower bills and user's satisfaction.

Why security sensors are such an important? Smart Home, or intelligent building automation network, gives users the ability to adjust home functions to their needs. Since communication between devices can take place with little human intervention (e.g. programming OneTouch scenarios), controlling them is becoming more and more convenient and useful. The development of civilization is so fast that it is difficult to predict what advanced systems will accompany us in the future. However, we know that the comfort of living, ecology and economical use of energy are not the end of the subject. Smart Home, thanks to modern security sensors, also protects the house from unwanted events.

SALUS Smart Home is a solution that helps not only to enjoy your stay, but also to save money.With properly programmed OneTouch rules,  smart thermostats, smart sockets and smart relays,will regulate the operation of household appliances for the needs of family members.

The MANIATIS HOTEL hotel in Sparta is now an example of a modern hotel unit, equipped with Heating, Cooling, DHW Production systems, exclusively from renewable energy source, all controlled by innovative smart control and regulation systems, to ensure high comfort accommodation & hospitality for its guests. You may check the whole project in the relevant Press Release.

In this article we will look at how, we fully met the needs of owners and visitors, and at the same time transformed the entire hotel building into the most energy efficient hotel business in the Peloponnese, with the Salus Smart Home System.

The mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery, is a technology of several decades which has now reached very high levels of efficiency, over 90% and is an ideal addition to any modern, well-insulated and weatherproof building. The multiple benefits for system users, in combination with the active subsidies for their supply and installation of such systems, create an important opportunity for companies in the HVAC industry.

Αrticle by George Char. Andrianos, published in the industry magazine “The plumber and the boiler installer-maintainer” .

Tourist Accommodation Renovation - Villas with Smart Home of SALUS

New technology that improves the accommodation experience and solves all problems of hosts.

Nowadays, the global trend in hotel units as well as smaller tourist homes or villas is leading to create an ever greater energy efficient, green & smart buildings. Have you ever wondered what are these "smart" properties that set them apart from the competition?

Φρέσκος, καθαρός αέρας και εξοικονόμηση ενέργειας με ένα σύστημα αερισμού με ανάκτηση Θερμότητας, με ιδιαίτερα γρήγορη εγκατάσταση. Τα στάδια τοποθέτησης του συστήματος Αερισμού/ Εξαερισμού Assolo

An application of ASSOLO at a seminar room with a total area of 120 sq.m., where seminars, conferences, presentations, etc. are carried out frequently with participant as many as 70 people. With the installation of four Assolo units an optimal environment with ideal comfort conditions is achieved, while the seminar room has fresh and clean air and at the same time the completely silent operation, which needed during the events, is also achieved.


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