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New Products

The Ultimate Connected Solution for Heating, Hot Water & Air Conditioning.

The range of Ariston Nimbus S Net Heat Pumps includes the series:

NIMBUS COMPACT 4 - 7k W for heating, air conditioning & DHW production with integrated 180lt container.

NIMBUS FLEX NET 4 - 11 kW for heating, air conditioning & DHW production with separate 180lt or 300lt container

NIMBUS PLUS NET 4 - 11 kW for heating and air conditioning.

Salus continues to upgrade the IT600 Smart Home with innovative and useful products. The new range of thermostats offers additional functionality to the most complete, affordable, easy & scalable building management system on the global market.

The MULTI MIX controller is a technologically advanced universal, weather-guided electronic device, allowing the user control and supervision over an entire heating installation as well as main or additional heat sources (like gas, oil, pellet boilers, heat pumps or fireplaces and wood gasification boilers). Controller regulates two mixers together with CH and HW circuits. It can also perform control over hydraulic clutch and buffer and also solar panel and additional heat source like for example stoves. An optional feature is a web module, which provides the ability to view and edit parameters of the MULTI MIX controller.

The quality of the air we breathe in our residences poses dangers from the pollutants that, in addition to the unpleasant smell they create, affect our health.

The new technologies dedicated to energy saving, provide a different method, the new Controlled Mechanical Ventilation system (CMV).

By filtering the incoming air and recovering the maximum thermal energy of the discharged air the το Air Recovery System Tecnogas Assolo is the ideal solution to air-out and ventilate your place.

The global trend in buildings leads to the creation of ecological, energy efficient & smart buildings, which are particularly friendly to their users, not only because of their "green" technologies but also because of the increased interaction offered by modern management systems known as "Smart Home Systems".

Developments in the "Smart Home" sector are rapid, concerning management and interaction capabilities that offer multiple benefits to residents, as they achieve:

With experience in building construction since 1994, ANDRIANOS chooses and proposes the SALUS iT600 Smart Home System, which gives complete home control from anywhere through your Smartphone, tablet or computer.

The RT310i Internet Thermostat provides local or remote operation and is ideal for controlling the heating conditions from anywhere. The RT310i application is provided for free (available on iOS and Android).

The solar water heater AND-solar, which is one of the top choices in the Greek market since 2014, has improved to re-star. Our high-tech know-how in the solar thermal systems is proved with this excellent product, which, in addition to the well-known quality of ANDRIANOS, combines an excellent value-for-money.

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