The increasing temperatures and the heat waves that visit our country during the summer months, have made the need for quality air conditioning in the professional spaces, more urgent than ever.

The solutions, both in the simplest cases of an air conditioner, and in the most demanding and complex cooling systems, are many and have all their own advantages.

But are they suitable for your specific application and will they achieve the lowest possible operating costs?

klimatismos psiksi eksoterikon xoron

ANDRIANOS provides study, installation, surveillance and maintenance services in professional air conditioning systems, based on the specific needs of the company and the specifics of each space, in order to reduce annual operating costs and immediate depreciation of the investment.

Our projects to be implemented combine the latest technology in the field of energy and the know-how of the people of ANDRIANOS, in order to create cooling systems for every requirement, from the smallest office to the largest industrial building.

Air Conditioning Systems for Commercial Applications

Multi Split -  Wall Air Conditioners to reduce unit purchase costs.

Their difference from simple wall-mounted air conditioners lies in the ability to connect and supply coolant to multiple indoor units in a single outdoor unit. We can thus reduce the purchase cost of air conditioners for different rooms, ensure the aesthetics of the space, as well as save space on the balconies or outdoors.

VRF- Multi-Split

Heat Pumps - The Renewable Energy Source with an impressive degree of efficiency

The Heat Pumps, consuming a small amount of electricity, generate multiple thermal energy to cool the premises, offering high efficiency rates and 60-70% savings over oil, LPG or natural gas.

Heat Pumps

Central air conditioning with Fan coil and air ducts

A central air conditioning installation can cool or heat a space either with local elements (fan coils) or with air ducts or with both methods simultaneously. Fan Coils are placed in appropriate places (usually externally on walls or ceilings) and correspond to the requirements of the thermal loads of the space. The air ducts are housed entirely inside the ceiling of the room and the air is drawn from more than one different point.

Fan Coils

ANDRIANOS undertakes projects of heating-cooling and hot water production systems in the area of Messenia and Arcadia. In addition, it has a nationwide distribution network of its products in every part of the rest of Greece, Cyprus and abroad.

Commercial Air Conditioning

For more information about the optimal solution for the commercial air conditioning in your space, call 27210 23124 or fill in the form and the experienced engineers of ANDRIANOS will contact you as soon as possible.
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