One of the most important issues in modern culture, which has been a topic of discussion among countries more and more in recent years, is energy overconsumption.

On the other hand, the rising prices of electricity, oil or gas are leading consumers to look for energy solutions for Heating, Cooling & Domestic Hot Water to consume less energy at home.

home energy saving technologies

The good thing today is that there are many different systems and technologies in the rising energy-saving industry that can help save money and help the environment without sacrificing your thermal comfort.

ANDRIANOS since 1994, is active exclusively in global energy saving technologies and is able today to offer the best technological products, achieving the best returns and on the other hand keeping both the investment and operating and maintenance costs at the lowest levels of the Greek market. .

With the right equipment and the right installation options, you can achieve high Energy Saving Percentages for Air Conditioning & Domestic Hot Water Production, which make up the bulk of the family budget.

energy saving technologies andrianos

Because they require availability, availability of self-visitation, by specialized mechanisms with the information they require, I make available information for each person required and use it to apply the application to the installation.

Finally, taking into account the following basic axes, the most ideal technological solution emerges.

1. Take advantage of solar energy.

Many homeowners have opted for solar panels and are taking advantage of the sun's clean energy to save on hot water and significant heating costs.

ANDRIANOS has a wide range of collectors, containers and solar controllers, so that in each installation the appropriate materials are selected, covering the energy needs of the building, with the fastest depreciation rate. The price of a solar heating system varies depending on the installation and the required needs for Hot Water and Heating.

Solar Thermal Systems

2. Pay attention to the Energy Efficiency of the machines.

Final consumers should pay close attention to the energy efficiency of the machines to be installed such as boilers, heat pumps, air conditioners, heating and cooling units up to 70kW, as well as containers up to 500lt. They must be accompanied by the Energy Efficiency Label (similar to the one already used in home appliances), which states the energy efficiency category of the product on a scale from A +++ to G. The A +++ category represents the highest energy class (refers to groups) and consequently the lowest possible energy consumption.

Heat Pumps Condensing Gas Boilers Air Conditioning Systems

3. Save on Domestic Hot Water.

About 25% of the average cost in a home's energy bill is due to hot water. ANDRIANOS has the innovative electric water heaters of the "ARISTON" group, the leading manufacturer of water heating products worldwide, with high energy class products and fully harmonized with the ErP (Energy related Products) regulation. Modern features & sizes to fully meet the needs of any home, for even greater comfort & economy.

Electric Water Heaters

4. Take the control of the Temperature in your hands.

With each step of heating or cooling, energy consumption increases by about 5 to 10 percent.To control your accounts, you need modern space thermostats with increased communication and control capabilities. Thus, the space always has the desired temperature without unwanted fluctuations, while the heating system operates with greater economy.


5. Take advantage of Heat Recovery Ventilation.

As a general rule of energy saving, energy should not come out and heat should enter from the inside to the outside of your home. At the same time, there is a need for ventilation of the premises, with clean and fresh air, freeing from moisture.

 Heat Recovery Ventilation is a cheap and easy way to keep your home comfortable and save a quarter of the cost of heating and cooling. The mechanical ventilation unit manages to expel air from the rooms, after first "taking" its heat, in order to preheat or preheat the incoming air.

Heat Recovery Ventilation

6. Combine the advantages of each technology in a hybrid system.

Choosing a hybrid system compared to a conventional system, offers very high efficiency, with maximum energy savings. This is because thanks to modern hybrid automation systems, the use of the most efficient system for these conditions is automatically selected.

Hybrid Systems


Energy Saving in Houses

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