The heating of your home and its annual cost is an important part of the family budget, for at least five months a year. Therefore, the choice of how to heat your home should be more than just a choice of appliances, manufacturer's name or thermal energy production systems.

oikiaki thermansi kalamata andrianos

The most important component of an energy efficient home heating system is not the system itself to be chosen, but how well your home makes the most of the performance of that particular system.

How do you single out the best and most efficient heating system for your home?

The main parametres for the success of a heating system are two:

The Energy Saving it achieves & the Thermal Comfort it offers.

Consumers who really want to upgrade their living conditions should look long before they buy, and understand that to build a proposal for a heating system it needs:

•Proper study of the space for which it is intended, by specialized scientists and technicians.

•Specialized knowledge of the laws and the new energy saving technologies of the market.

•High knowledge of post-purchase installation and support from a new industry of energy-saving scientists that has been created.

oikiaki thermansi kalamata meleti andrianos

Most modern branded heating systems have a high degree of efficiency and functional reliability, as long as the study and installation is done by specialized engineers & technicians respectively.

The main & most common heating systems are:

Heat Pumps Condesing Gas Boilers Oil Installations Solar Thermal Systems Hybrid Systems

All of the above product categories and technologies are currently available to end consumers and can provide thermal comfort and significant energy savings.

However, it is very important to understand that comparisons between technologies are not testable, as they have all been developed to offer solutions. There are no "good" and "bad" technologies but technologies that target different applications.So always the selection criterion, regardless of which fuel is more expensive or cheaper at a given time, should be which technology is best suited for that particular application and has the lowest possible operating costs.

The specialized technicians of the Special Group of Energy Saving Techniques (EOT-EXE),created by ANDRIANOS in recent years, in combination with the company's mechanical and electrical engineers,consider the specific personal and financial requirements of each owner, in order to propose the ideal technological solution with the greatest possible use of Renewable Energy Sources.

At ANDRIANOS we have the knowledge, experience and ability to help you choose and adapt to your home any heating system that suits your needs and desires.

Domestic Heating

For more information about the optimal solution for the heating in your space, call 27210 23124 or fill in the form and the experienced engineers of ANDRIANOS will contact you as soon as possible.
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