The global trend in hotel units is leading to the creation of more and more energy effient, green and smart buildings. As a result, entrepreneurs looking to the future realize that reducing their energy costs will immediately increase their competitiveness and profits. 

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The satisfaction of the guests from their stay is greatly influenced by the thermal comfort conditions that prevail in the hotel premises, while they do not accept compromises in the supply of Domestic Hot Water that they use.

Thus, a hotel, compared to other service companies, is in the first place in energy consumption, as it needs constant supply of  Domestic Hot Water (ZNX), whatever its fullness, as well as air conditioning of areas with cooling in summer and heating in winter.

Do you want to be completely independent of the constant increases in fuel and electricity prices?

Today, there are significant energy and resource savings opportunities, especially in Domestic Hot Water Production, with the aim of low annual operating costs and fast depreciation time.

To create modern electromechanical energy-saving systems, the business hotelier must focus on using renewable energy sources as much as possible, as well as solutions with hybrid systems that combine individual subsystems to produce thermal energy that can be in one to make the most of the benefits of any technology.

Solar heat - The most economical Renewable Energy Source

Solar Systems find perfect application in Hotel Units, where energy requirements are high, achieving high energy saving rates (H.E.S) in particular:

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The most important factor in choosing a solar heating system to use Domestic Hot Water is to achieve the right balance between the size of the installation (and therefore the initial cost) and the need to meet the needs (hence the annual savings and energy savings and energy finally the system damping time). For 25 years, ANDRIANOS has been dealing with solar thermal systems, producing and having a wide range of collectors, containers and solar controllers, so that the appropriate materials are selected in each installation, thus meeting the needs with the best quality / price ratio.

Solar Thermal Systems Solar Collectors Solar Tanks- Boiler Solar Stations

Solar Controllers

Heat Pumps - The Alternative Renewable Energy

The best solution to meet the energy needs for hot water production of a modern hotel, in cases where there is not enough space or there are architectural restrictions to place collectors, is to use one or more heat pumps. The use of heat pump is significantly superior to conventional systems, as it achieves energy savings and reduces operating costs by up to 70% (saving 60-70% compared to oil and 50-60% compared to natural gas) and contributes to the substantial energy upgrade of the building

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ANDRIANOS has a wide variety of Heat Pumps from the leading companies CARRIER, TOSHIBA & ARISTON that are an ideal solution for a wide range of applications, autonomous installation in newly built or renovated hotels or integration into existing building equipment.

Heat Pumps

Hybrid Systems - Renewable + Contractual Energy Sources  

Modern hybrid system installations usually consist of a RES (Heat Pump or Solar System), which is combined on a case-by-case basis with gas or oil boilers with condensing technology.In many existing hotel businesses, upgrading to a hybrid system leads to very high efficiency combined with maximum energy savings. The technologies that can be combined are many and each has its own advantages, so it requires High know-how and appropriate Technical and Economic Analysis by an Experienced Engineering Team.

Solar heating systems can be used in conjunction with any space heating system (oil, wood, biomass, gas, heat pump, etc.), either for an existing heating system or for a new installation.


Heat Pumps with impressive energy efficiency can easily be combined for connection with oil boiler or gas fuel and with solar system, in order to significantly reduce the costs of domestic hot water production.


Heat Pumps

Condensing gas boilers are high-efficiency boilers that use the energy stored in the exhaust fumes. They are an ideal solution for conventional (non-RES) and at the same time modern system, which achieves 15% more economy compared to a simple gas boiler and 35-50% economy compared to a conventional oil boiler.

Condensing Gas Boilers

Smart Management Systems

Modern Smart Home systems tailored to the needs of hotels offer an improved accommodation experience for guests, while they can save money for the owners both for the energy consumed and for the maintenance costs. The use of computer systems achieves the regulation, indication, recording and management of the necessary parameters. At the same time, it contributes to the continuous optimization of the facilities in real time and based on the different and special energy needs of the building and consequently to the additional energy and resource savings.

Smart Home Systems

smart hotel

At ANDRIANOS we choose innovative Hot Water Production Systems (DHW), utilizing the latest technology. The experienced and qualified team of engineers specializes in finding solutions for the best energy management, depending on the lowest possible operating costs without compromising on the comfort of your guests.


Domestic Hot Water Production

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