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VRF systems are known for their high energy efficiency and ability to provide a state-of-the-art Air Conditioning and Heating solution in a wide range of applications.

The term VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) or VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume), refers to the ability to connect and supply coolant to multiple indoor units in a single outdoor unit. Thus, VRF systems use the refrigerant as a cooling and heating medium which is regulated by a single external condensing unit and circulates inside the building by multiple indoor units, which operate independently.

The simplest explanation for VRF is to describe it as a large-scale HVAC system without pipes that can heat and cool different zones or rooms in a building at the same time.

Due to their flexibility, VRF systems can be customized to meet the requirements of almost any project. Their design is a complex process, which should only be done by professionals trained and certified based on the type of VRF system to be installed.

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The features that make VRF systems unique:

  • They provide simultaneous heating and cooling.

They can heat and cool different zones or rooms in a building at the same time, reducing energy consumption. If the right VRF system is selected, building users have the ability to adjust the temperature settings to their personal preferences.

  • High efficiency and reliability

Maximum operating temperature in cooling 48 οC and in heating -23 οC.

  • They operate at very low intensity.

Unlike some older technologies, VRF systems are extremely quiet. Their installation has the added benefit of reducing environmental noise both inside and outside the building.

  • VRF units are elegant and compact machines

While one would expect the equipment of this advanced technology to consist of bulky machines, it is elegant and compact compared to other technologies. This makes VRFs an excellent solution for installing equipment in areas with limited space, such as renovating historic buildings.

  • Home applications can also be used

Although mostly used in commercial and industrial applications, VRF equipment can meet the climate control needs of a small detached house.

  • They are easy to install

Because VRF equipment weighs much less than chimney equipment, installing a VRF system is easier and requires less physical effort than a traditional HVAC system.

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