Modern companies have realized that for their development and continuous development, a key factor is the reduction of their operating costs.

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Up to 50% of the total operating costs of a business come from the Energy consumed for Heating, Cooling, Ventilation of the premises, as well as the production of Domestic Hot Water  in specific sectors, such as tourist accommodation (hotels, etc.).

With the appropriate interventions in the electromechanical equipment of the existing installation and the addition of new technologies, which have been designed with the aim of saving additional energy of the systems, the financial results of each company will be significantly improved.

The energy challenges facing businesses today can be simplified through the energy testing of facilities by specialized engineers and technicians in the field of Energy Saving. The energy control will quantify the energy consumed by each individual segment and will provide the appropriate recommendations for upgrading the machines that burden the overall energy efficiency of the system.

The basic actions for Saving on Heating - Cooling - Ventilation - Production of Domestic Hot Water in professional spaces are:

1. Replacement of old systems.

Modern heating and cooling systems are much more efficient than the old ones, so the possibility of replacing systems older than 10 years should be seriously considered. Old appliances such as water heaters, wall air conditioners, central air conditioning systems, old boilers, etc. use significant amounts of energy, which greatly increases electricity bills or oil / gas consumption. All of the above must be upgraded with high performance devices and modern technologies such as:

Solar ThermalHeat Pumps Condensing Gas Boilers Oil Installations

Hybrid System

2. Replacement of old thermostats.

The rapid development of technology and the need for additional savings has led to the creation of modern thermostats, with increased communication capabilities and remote control. The thermostat perceives at all times not only the temperature of the room (such as a conventional ON / OFF thermostat), but also how quickly it changes (goes up or down), thus maintaining the room temperature, constant at the desired values.


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3. Integration of Smart Home remote control and configuration systems.

Thanks to modern remote control and configuration systems, there is the possibility for detailed monitoring of the operation of all systems, as well as for their immediate optimization without requiring on-site visit by specialized personnel.

Smart Home

4. Installation of "smart" energy consumption measures.

Smart energy consumption measures show the use of real-time electricity, so that the energy consumption of each individual part of the installation is accurately recorded. Top hours can account for up to 30% of monthly bills.

Energy Consuption Measures

5. Installation of heat recovery ventilation.

Heat Recovery Ventilation is a cheap and easy ventilation system with closed windows. The mechanical ventilation unit manages to expel air from the rooms, after first "taking" its heat, in order to preheat or preheat the incoming air. Maintain an optimal indoor climate in your business, while saving up to a quarter of the cost of heating and cooling.


Heat Recovery Ventilation

6. Regular cleaning and scheduled maintenance.

The annual maintenance of electromechanical systems according to the manufacturer's specifications helps not only to increase the life of the machines, but also to prevent unforeseen costly mechanical failures. Combined with regular system cleaning, their quality, hygiene and performance are optimized, which can translate into extra energy savings.


ANDRIANOS has been working for over 25 years with state-of-the-art technologies in heating, air conditioning and energy saving, providing high performance and efficient thermal comfort and Domestic Hot Water production systems. Thanks to the high know-how of its staff, it offers professional services to reduce energy consumption and save money in business.

ANDRIANOS undertakes projects of heating-cooling and hot water production systems in the area of Messenia and Arcadia. In addition, it has a nationwide distribution network of its products in every part of the rest of Greece, Cyprus and abroad.

Commercial Energy Saving

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