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Ventilation with recovery or otherwise heat recovery ventilation systems is the ventilation systems which filter the incoming air and recover the maximum thermal energy of the rejected air.

The heat recovery ventilation system not only “freshens” the air of the room but at the same time recovers the waste heat energy by heating or cooling it, depending on the prevailing thermal conditions within the space.

ventilation with heat recovery

Indicative Ventilation Mode with recovery during winter. (heating period)

Houses that are now insulated or not require an aeration / ventilation system. Ventilation provides clean, fresh air and removes humidity from the house. Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery offers a well-insulated home, ideal comfort conditions with minimal expense.

Mechanical ventilation systems provide fresh, clean air, free from rice and dust, with maximum energy efficiency through heat recovery. The mechanical ventilation unit manages to expel the air from the rooms with increased humidity, such as the kitchen, after having "taken" the heat. When it is necessary, the ventilation system preheats or freezes the incoming air.
The result: an optimal air ratio and a pleasant indoor environment with the necessary Internal Air Quality (IAQ - InternalAirQuality).

Advantages of Ventilation with Heat Recovery

An integrated ventilation system manages the seamless airflow in the room to reduce energy needs and upgrading the quality of living conditions by ensuring air quality and comfort conditions without creating unwanted streams. The stronger the air-tightness of the building, the lower the energy losses and the natural ventilation of the building, making it imperative to use mechanical ventilation systems and heat exchangers. Optimum indoor climate (IAQ) without air drafts.
• Removes suspended particles with high quality air filters.
• Quick disposal of unpleasant smells from kitchen, toilet.
• Energy saving, with high performance fan and low consumption EC technology fans.
• Structure protection, combat mold.
• Parallel reduction of cost of air conditioning operation
• Installation plug & play.
• Silent operation.

Indoor Air Quality Baby

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Modern Ventilation Systems with Heat Recovery - Assolo

New technologies dedicated to energy saving and well-being give a different way of interpreting "air" to new controlled ventilation systems (CMV).
By filtering the incoming air and recovering the maximum thermal energy of the discharged air, the Assolo Air Recovery System is the best solution for ventilating and ventilating your space.

assolo aerismos anakthsh 2

A must have of the season in sustainable consumption and in reducing operating costs.

The new thermal and technical design, complying with the European Directive 91/2002, has shown the way for the use of energy-efficient systems which offer a specific contribution to our well-being and support for the day-to-day management of our services.


Advantages of Ventilation with Heat Recovery - Assolo

• High Heat Recovery [93%]
• Reduced power consumption ( [5W]
• Totally silent operation
[13 dB on the small scale– 3m]
[23 dB on the large scale– 3m]
• Easy installation – Plug n play
• Easy maintenance and cleaning
• Optimal indoor climate (IAQ) without air drafts.
• Structure protection, combat mold.
• Removes suspended particles with high quality air filters.
• Quick disposal of unpleasant smells.
• Very high savings due to almost zero ventilation losses

Product design



Air-to-air heat recovery exchanger Assolo 91-1.0, suitable for a single-room, with silent operation

assolo aerismos anakthsh


- Ceramic exchanger with heat recovery up to 90%.
- Compact, flexible and easy to use.
- Made of durable materials of high quality and aesthetics.
- Double separate inlet and outlet air filters, washable and easily removable.
- It does not require drainage of condensates.
- Adjustable suction speed up to 60 m3/h.
- Air Abduction and supply alternately.
- Electronic switching motor.
- Reduced power consumption (5W).
- These silent devices can be installed on the perimeter walls of the house and have a variable length of 250 to 400mm.
- The air duct can be extended from a tube of the same diameter up to 3m. For this air duct when a bypass is necessary, the maximum length of the duct will be 2.5m (including a 90° angle).
- Simple ventilation system requiring no channels.
- Washable and easy to remove filters and heat exchanger.
- Suitable for replacing an existing fan with minimal interference.
- Fan Speed Adjustment Button that allows the device's operating speed to be set from a minimum to a maximum level.
- The 2 buttons of the electrical contacts (on off and speed control) can also be mounted on the wall.

assolo aerismos anakthsh 2

 Air-to-air heat recovery exchanger Assolo 91-2.0

It has the same features as Assolo 91-1.0, as well as the following:
- Night mode (silent low speed operation)
- On/off switch on the controls
- Equipped with a visual indication of the functions and a warning indication for cleaning the filter
- Capability of expansion up to 16 units
- Optional: CO2 detector built into the wall-mounted controller

Air-to-air heat recovery exchanger Assolo 91-3.0 Wireless (868MHz)

It has the same features as the Assolo 91-2.0 with the basic difference that the wiring is not necessary, as it operates 868MHz wirelessly and the fan speed has 5 predefined levels instead of 3.


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