LPG is an ally of every modern restaurant, offering significant savings compared to other available technologies, as well as multiple benefits for any professional kitchen.

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As a result, companies that are active in the catering sector and seek to excel in gastronomic level by creating an additional competitive advantage, choose to install LPG networks.

The Advantages of installing a gas network in a professional kitchen.

  • It is a guarantee for safe and tasty cooking, thanks to the excellent heating distribution in the cooking appliances.
  • It offers immediate, strong, controlled and clean combustion that are essential in every professional kitchen.
  • It is traditionally one of the most economical fuels, allowing prices to be reduced relative to the competition.
  • There are appliances available, for all types and methods of cooking in modern professional kitchen, with the same cost with the corresponding electric ones.
  • Ease and low cost of installation in relation to the installation of other fuels or technologies.

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ANDRIANOS, since 1994, has built over a thousand quality and safe LPG Gas systems and is certified by TUV AUSTRIA with ISO 9001: 2015.

With its holistic know-how and its 26 years of experience in LPG Gas Systems , ANDRIANOS has marked the spread of LPG in Greece based on modern perception, knowledge and infrastructure.


LPG Gas System Study

Studies on LPG installations are necessary to ensure compliance with applicable national, European and international legislation and minimum network quality requirements.

At ANDRIANOS the studies are prepared by mechanical engineers of our team, who analyze the particularities of each project and offer innovative solutions, exclusively designed according to the specific needs of each installation, in order to achieve perfect operation with high efficiency and economy.

Before the preparation of each study, the engineers of ANDRIANOS make at least one on-site visit, in order to capture the condition of the building and the electromechanical equipment. In this way, the optimal recording and analysis of needs is done, in order to select the appropriate materials and components that will be used in the installation.

The final study received by our clients includes the pre-costing of the materials specified in the study and the project schedule.

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There are two options for supplying the restaurant with LPG. The installation of an LPG storage tank or with a cluster of one or more gas cylinders.

The main reasons for choosing a LPG tank, instead of gas cylinders, are the ability to supply to meet high demands and the economy, since the supply of bottles is more expensive and requires constant feedback.

In case there are restrictions in the restaurant building for the installation of the tank or the combustion requirements are small, the solution of installing a set of gas cylinders in the outside of the business is chosen.


Installation of LPG Gas Systems

The Installation and Technical Support of the networks is undertaken by EOT - EXE (Energy Saving Tech Force of ANDRANOS), the specialized group of engineers and licensed gas technicians ensuring the safety, hygiene and efficiency of operation of the network.

the benefits from the installation of a LPG Gas Systems by EOT-EXE and ANDRIANOS:

  1. The absolute safety of staff and customers even in sophisticated cases such as fire or earthquake.
  2. Full compliance with the technical regulation, thus avoiding fines by the competent authorities.
  3. Uninterrupted operation and long life of the system due to the high quality of our materials and installers.
  4. Regular annual maintenance - by EOT-EXE - as required by the regulation.
  5. Immediate in case of possible failures or undesirable situations due to the 24-hour operation of our special team of engineers and licensed technicians.
  6. Provision of a certificate of proper operation of the installation and stickers with special marking, according to Government Gazette 1257b / 2003.

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Quality LPG Products & Components - Dealerships.

Since 2001, it has had exclusively in the Greek and Cypriot markets the most reliable LPG Pressure Regulators of Germany. Over time, this range was supplemented by the other necessary LPG components for each installation, which are in accordance with all the necessary safety provisions of Greek and European Legislation.

  • Gas Detectors & Electromagnetics,
  • LPG Vaporizers
  • LPG valves,
  • Stainless steel flexible gas connector,
  • Dielectric connector,
  • LPG filters,
  • Cabinets etc,

Gas detectors & Electromagnetic Gas Valves LPG Vaporizers LPG Components &accessories

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Today it represents some of the most important companies, such as ALGAS SDI, TECNOCONTROL, IVR, MBM, WATTS, MERTIK and TECNOGAS. The range of LPG fittings has recently been completed with the addition of Stainless Steel Piping & Fittings for LPG Gas Systems by WITZENMANN, which simplifies the installer's work, while providing the maximum possible safety.

It was also enriched with instantaneous heaters and autonomous water heaters for the production of domestic hot water, as well as wall-hung gas boilers with the collaboration of ANDRIANOS wit the leading ARISTON THERMO GROUP. Finally, the range is supplemented with LPG tanks from 145 to 100,000 liters, above ground and underground, by RCS & PLINOXOTAR.

Electric Water Heaters Wall-hung Gas Boilers

With a complete product package of components and high know-how, which stems from the continuous engagement of ANDRIANOS with LPG, a package of solutions is ensured that combines quality, competitive prices and above all safety for the final consumer.

LPG Facilities in Restaurants

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