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Heat pumps are named so, because they "pump" heat from a cold source (external environment in winter or cooled room in summer) and with the help of a refrigerant expel it to hot source (heated space in the winter and outdoors in summer). Because it "enforces" a flow of heat from a cooler to a warmer environment, which is contrary to the "natural flow" of heat (which is from the warmer to the cooler), heat pumps require the consumption of a small amount of energy (usually electricity) to preserve its function.

ANDRIANOS with 19 years experience in heating, cooling and air conditioning offers heat pumps CARRIER, with capacity of 4,0 to 5.350 kW, with scroll compressors or screw, axial or centrifugal fans and potential integrated hydraulic kit.

The above shows that the heat pump can be used for heating and cooling.Characterized by the coefficient of performance for heating (COP) and cooling (EER), expressing the ratio of benefitial energy to the one that its "consumed". The prices of these factors is greater than one (in almost all applications) and range (usually) from 3 to 4. This happens because the energy we "get" comes 70% from the external environment and 30% of the energy that we "consume". This is what makes the heat pumps one of the top choices for a heating system.

Based on several criteria classified into different categories (eg air-air, air-water or low-high temperatures).

ANDRIANOS with experience in heating, cooling and air conditioning systems since 1994 offers the CARRIER, TOSHIBA & ARISTON 4,0-5350 kW monoblock & split heat pumps with scroll or screw compressors, axial or centrifugal fans and built-in hydraulic kits, as well as smart connectivity systems.


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Find out below about Heat Pump Applications, their benefits and see answers for the most frequently asked questions about Heat Pumps.

Heat pumps from Carrier, Toshiba & Ariston, as well as fan coils from Carrier are available. More information:

Heat Pumps

For questions and best Heat Pumps solutions, please call at +3027210 23124 or fill out the form. The experienced engineers of ANDRIANOS will contact you as soon as possible.


αντλια θερμοτητας aquasnap carrier

CARRIER Aqua Snap Plus 30 AWH, Inverter, Monoblock

- Two versions with or without hydronic module in five sizes with nominal cooling capacities from 3 to 16 kW and nominal heating capacities from 4 to 14.5 kW.

- Units integrate the latest technological innovations: ozone-friendly refrigerant R-410A, DC inverter twin-rotary compressors, low-noise fan and microprocessor control.

- AquaSnap PLUS heat pump systems can be used with a wide choice of Carrier terminal fan coil units - cassettes, low, medium and high-pressure satellite units, console units, underceiling units and high-wall units.

- DC inverter twin-rotary compressors with Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM) and Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) for enhanced reliability, low energy consumption and smooth vibration-free operation under all operating conditions.

- Variable-speed fans with an innovative patented fan blade shape ensure improved air distribution at exceptionally low noise levels.

- Output to link and integrate the unit with existing heat sources to offer a bivalent approach, increased savings and optimum comfort in all weather conditions.

- Leaving water temperature up to 60°C for domestic hot water applications, making hot water readily available.

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For the cases that heating with high temperature water is demanded, carriers collection includes air-water high temperature heat pumps. An ideal solution:

antlia thermotitas aquasnap carrier

CARRIER Aqua Snap Plus 61 AF, High Tempurature , Monoblock

- Two sizes with nominal heating capacities from 14 to 19 kW.

- Low noise levels and a very compact chassis reduce the noise disturbance from the unit.

- The operating range allows outside temperatures down to -20°C and leaving water temperatures up to 65°C for domestic hot water applications.

- Intelligent unit control permits unit operation in extreme conditions, minimising unit shut-down times.

- Systematic factory run test before shipment and quick-test function for verification of instruments, electrical components and motors.

- Low-noise scroll compressors with low vibration level.

- Simplified electrical connections.

- Multiple checks and functional tests at the factory before shipment and also run- test to verify the operation of all organs, the electrical components and the units motors.

                                                                                                              Download the Brochure of Heat Pump CARRIER 61AF


Heat Pump Carrier for High Temperature to 85 °C with Heat Recovery and SCOP> 6

Heat pumps AquaForce® Puretec 61XWH-ZE (200-2,500kW) with coolant R1234ze provide high hot water temperatures (SCOP 6 or greater) by recovering heat from various sources such as industrial activity, waste, water sources, data centers etc. They are ideal for high temperature applications, such as heating of residential complexes, schools, hospitals, offices, hot water production and industrial applications.

It features a Touch Pilot ™ Control system that enables remote control over the Internet, BMS connectivity, and data collection from all operating modes.

carrier new

Main characteristics:
- Twin-rotor screw compressors with adjustable performance according to the building's needs.
- This self-adaptive control algorithm for compressor protection.
- Multi-pipe heat exchangers, flooded type, for more efficient heat transfer.
- Electronic expansion valve that allows operation at lower compaction pressure and improves evaporator performance.
- Two independent refrigerant circuits in units of over 1,000 kW.


Heat Pumps Carrier XP Energy 38AW & 80AW

Carrier XP Energy 38AW & 80AW split heat pumps satisfy multiple home and commercial applications for heating and cooling, with one or more temperature zones and hot water production at the same time.

They are a cost-effective investment even in low-temperature areas in the winter. Thanks to the Twin-Rotary DC Inverter compressor with electronic control, they achieve high efficiency and energy savings over a wide range of operation.

antlies thermothtas 38 80AW

Main characteristics:
- Water outlet temperature up to 60 ° C in radiators and hot water.
- Possibility to control two independent temperature zones.
- Twin-Rotary DC Inverter compressors with electronic control.
- Low noise DC Inverter fan.
- High temperature operating range for heating and cooling and high efficiency.
- Ability to connect with existing heating sources (eg boilers, radiators).
- Special design for easy installation and maintenance.
- Environmentally friendly refrigerant R-410A.


Heat Pumps Carrier 61WG

Designed for commercial (offices, small hotels, leisure facilities), residential and industrial applications, offer a unique combination of high performance and functionality in an exceptionally compact chassis.

Designed for high-temperature heating applications with hot water production possible up to 65°C and a COP of above 5, they can be installed in new or renovated buildings with any type of heating: fan coils, radiators or underfloor heating.

antlies thermothtas 61WG

Main characteristics:
-Hydronic kits with or without variable water flow rate
-Reinforced sound insulation
-Stacking and connection of two units
-Plug and play approach.



 antlia thermotitas

Toshiba ESTIA made in Japan, Inverter, Split

For new or existing houses, the Estia heat pumps from Toshiba offer multiple solution applications as they can manage up to two independent temperature zones.

That feature allows the parallel supply of the terminals units in different temperature levels.

In existing homes, that already have gas or oil boilers installed, the Estia heat pumps can be combined with the existing heating system and cover the needs for heating, cooling and hot water, with the best possible way.

Some characteristics are:

- Advanced DC Inventer technology and twin rotary compressor

- Top energy efficiency as the COP efficiency is around 4,77.

-They can be used with multiple types of terminal units such as low temperature units (panels), floor-heating supply units and water terminal units.

- The built-in plate shaped heat exchanger of the hydraulic part is highly efficient and produces hot water for room heating purposes from 20°C to 55°C

- Quick and easy installation. The hydraulic section can be placed safely in the home and there's no need for chimney or parts in walls . The compact outdoor unit can be placed outside the house or on the balcony, thanks to the extended piping options.

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 Fan Coils CARRIER

fan coil

- Eleven sizes with two-pipe, two-pipe changeover or four-pipe coils, with an air flow range from 35 to 422 l/s, a cooling capacity range from 0.8 to 6.4 kW, and a heating capacity range from 1.1 to 9.5 kW.

- The 42N_S is available with a new-generation three- or five-speed AC motor.

- The 42N_E is available with a variable-speed low energy consumption EC motor.

- Two fan types, a tangential fan for ultra-low noise level and a centrifugal fan for high air distribution system compatibility.

- Low hydraulic pressure drop with a valve mounted.

- LEC models enhance unit performance offering reduced energy costs, improved comfort, maximum flexibility and extended operating life.


Fan Coils INNOVA

fan coils innova

Innova's new series of Fan Coils combines low power consumption with modern design and ultra-quiet operation.

With a depth of just 129 mm, it can be placed on the floor or on the roof of the room while they are available in lengths from 735mm to 1535mm.

The 5 different DC Inverter fan motors provide airflow ranges from 55 to 648 m3 / h, cooling rates from 8.3 to 38 kW and heating efficiencies from 10 to 48 kW (water temperature at 50 ° C), from 18.9 to 83 kW (water temperature at 70 ° C).




Heat Pump Ariston Nuos Plus

The new Hot Water Heat Pumps series, ARISTON Nuos Plus, consists of four new models, which have the highest COP on the market and offer even greater energy savings.

They are capable of hybrid operation, for boiler or solar connection, to optimize energy costs. They have a very low noise level and heat the water very quickly.

Nuos Plus can operate with a photovoltaic system.

In addition, the Nuos Plus energy label is A + ready (the highest energy class in their class), they meet the strictest specifications since September 2017.





The new, innovative water heating heat pump from Ariston, with DC Inverter technology and integrated Wi-Fi function! 

DC Inverter technology, featured on the outdoor unit of the Nuos Split Inverter Wi-Fi pump, allows the water temperature to be kept constant, reducing ON / OFF cycles.

Maximum installation flexibility, very large COP (3.55 model 270), low noise level. With an innovative touch screen and i-Memory function that learns the user's habits and optimizes the operation of the pump accordingly.

Built-in Wi-Fi allows the user to remotely control their pump via the Aqua Ariston NET application.

The Nuos Split Inverter Wi-Fi is available in 2 wall models, 150 and 200 liters, and a 270 liter floor. 

 ariston antlia nuos split inverter wifi

Download the NUOS SPLIT INVERTER WI-Fi heat pump brochure

Contact ANDRIANOS for more information on ARISTON heat pumps  


Heat Pump Ariston Nimbus Pocket M Net

- Air / water heat pump monobloc inverter for space heating and cooling

- Highly efficient even in cold climates

- Always connected thanks to Light Gateway as standard, remote control and consumption monitoring for a temperature zone *

- Sensys system manager and external heat sensor are included as standard

- The ligh box for remote placement of all connections of the outdoor unit, which can also be mounted outside

- Plug and Play Solution: All you need is to add a suitable expansion tank for the system

- Special inertia tank and built-in resistance 2kW which can be purchased as an option

- Can be combined with an external DHW cylinde


  • Monoblock inverter heating pump for space heating and air conditioning
  • Very efficient even in cold climates, with 2kW + 2kW integration elements for guaranteed comfort in every situation
  • Always connected thanks to the Light Gateway, provided as a basic accessory, remote control and consumption monitoring for a temperature zone *
  • Sensys system manager and external heat adjustment sensor as a basic component


  • Extremely precise power adjustment according to the current demand for heat thanks to the DC inverter technology that forms in a wide range: 15% to 115% of the rated power
  • Electric support of 2kW + 2kW guarantees heating even in extremely cold operating conditions


  • The plate-shaped stainless steel exchanger integrated in the outdoor unit guarantees great fidelity and great longevity
  • The two-step rotary compressor provides reduced vibration and a very low noise power level
  • The Exogel Kit and filter kit are included in the product and provide protection against calcium crust and the risk of frost

antlia thermothtas nimbus pocket M

Heat Pump ARISTON Nimbus Pocket M Net (Monoblock)



Heat Pump Ariston Nimbus S Net

The Ultimate Connected Solution for Heating, Hot Water & Air Conditioning.

The range of Ariston Nimbus S Net Heat Pumps includes the series:

NIMBUS COMPACT 4 - 7k W for heating, air conditioning & DHW production with integrated 180lt container.

NIMBUS FLEX NET 4 - 11 kW for heating, air conditioning & DHW production with separate 180lt or 300lt container

NIMBUS PLUS NET 4 - 11 kW for heating and air conditioning.

antlies thermothtas nimbus

Innovative Energy Management Technology for optimal energy management

Innovative Energy Manager Technology handles all hardware and software to ensure steady performance at every outdoor temperature with the lowest noise level in its class.
- Best defrosting technique to minimize cycling and maximize annual heat production.
-Quiet Mode for even quieter operation.
-Steering power even at -7 ° C, for better operation in the colder climates.
-Warmed hot water at 60 ° C even with outside temperature -10 ° C.
-This-adaptive behavior thanks to DC inverter technology.


High levels of profitability

High levels of efficiency across the range for heating and cooling functions.
Already compatible with energy label A +++ 2019.
- COP> 5 at an outside temperature of 7 ° C for the whole range.
- COP> 3 at an outside temperature of -7 ° C for the whole range.
- EER greater than 4.5 at an outside temperature of 35 ° C for top performance and cooling.



Ariston Net App

Ariston Net allows you to control heating and water heating options directly from your smartphone and provides additional help.
-External energy consumption for heating, water heating and cooling.
-All functions available directly from the application, including the Boost and Quiet special modes.
-Programming for personalized comfort, responding to every need
-Direct line with technical service, with continuous monitoring of the installation if necessary.
-History of activity to monitor what's happening in the system.
-Automatic adjustment for optimal system behavior, adjusted automatically, by detecting internal and external conditions.


Wherever you are, on the edges of your fingers
Managing and controlling your pump from anywhere has never been so easy: You can now keep your home warm or cool and have hot water ready until you get back.

Use only the energy you want and save energy
Improve the way you use energy by watching consumption and plan your energy consumption more efficiently.

Technical support always available
Thanks to the innovative tracking system, the application can advise you if there is a system problem. By activating the remote diagnostics system, the Technical Service Center you have selected can quickly solve many problems from a distance.


Sensys Net (included)
The Sensys Net system manages to effectively control multiple bands, also incorporating solar renewable energy, thermal as well as photovoltaic and additional heating sources.
-The Sensys interface and external sensor are included in the package for intelligent thermoregulation.
-Serving up to 6 zones from Sensys.
-Installation of solar energy for domestic and technical hot water production.
- Quick connection of photovoltaic
-Ready for Smart Grid
-Incompatible with generators, including non-Ariston products


100% made in ARISTON
The components and software are designed internally by Ariston to ensure long-lasting performance with high efficiency.

100% tested
Each Ariston product is carefully and strictly tested for quality, efficiency and safety: over 100 controls under different environmental and operating conditions up to -20 ° C.


Contact ANDRIANOS for more information on Ariston Heat Pumps  



 Applications & Advantages About Heat Pump


Floor system: That system is operating in water temperatures of 35-45°C for heating and 15-20°C for cooling.

Fan Coils: the installation of the fan coils require water temperatures of 45-50°C (or higher) for heating kai 7-10°C for cooling.

Central air conditioning units: same requirements with the fan coils.

Radiators: heat pumps may cooperate for room heating and with radiators (either common or low temperature), taking account in the heating study the performance of the bodies at the lower temperatures of the heating water.

Instation of a heat pump

- Heat pumps are very flexible systems as regards to their instalment

- The installation is usually simple, without time consuming and painful tasks for the building contruction.

- The heat pump incorporates all the components and devices required for the operation in an integrated machine that resembles an outdoor unit of an air conditioner. This feature enables freedom of positioning it anywhere outside the building but also internally by the appropriate selection of the device model.

Generally, the heat pump can be installed in any building and serve as a new system or replace an existing heating system or air conditioning, with the appropriate conversions.

Advantages of Heat Pumps

- Energy Saving.
- Enviromental Protection.
- Easy Installation.
- Low maintenance cost.
- Safety - Reliability - Quality.
- Flexibility of interconnector with existing facilities.
- Ability to cooperate with other relevant applications (solar thermal, etc.).
- Brief investment payback.

Contact ANDRIANOS to get informed about the Heat Pumps

 Heat Pumps - common questions and answers

1) What is a heat pump?
Heat pumps are machines that exploit the ambient temperatures in order to draw heat from a source (air, water, soil) and transfer it to the recipient as heating or cooling energy. The principle of their operation is the same as the one applied to the refrigerators and known the air conditioners.

2) Where are they used?
They are used for heating and cooling buildings, combined with radiators, floor-heating and Fan Coils. At the same time they can produce hot water for domestic applications.

3) What they consume?
They consume electricity.

4) Do they consume a lot of energy?
No, because they draw almost 70-80% of the energy that is required from the environment and consume electric power for the remaining 20-30%

5) How is that possible?
Heat pumps draw the energy that is required from the environment and consume only a small amount of energy in order to produce the total amount of heat that we need. The energy absorption rate mainly depends on the coefficient of performance of the heat pump known as COP (Coefficient Of Performance). In most cases COP is around 3.5 and 4. In some cases it even goes more than 4 depending of the specifications of the heat pump and the conditions it is operating under. This basically means that for every 1kW of energy that we consume, we produce 3 of 4 times more amount of heating or cooling energy.

6) Can they be installed in any building?
Heat pumps are very flexible machines as far as concern their installation, as they operate with both low temperature systems (floor installments, fan coils) and conventional radiators. Their installation is usually simple without time-consuming and harmful operations for the building. The heat pump as it was mentioned before incorporates all the components and devices required for the operation in an integrated machine that resembles an outdoor unit of an air conditioner. This feature enables freedom of positioning it anywhere outside the building but also internally by the appropriate selection of the device model. Generally, the heat pump can be installed in any building and serve as a new system from the beginning or replace the existing heating system or air conditioning with the appropriate conversions.

7) How much they cost? How much we save? Heat pump price?
The cost of the heat pumps depends mainly on the size of the energy needs. The cost of their supply and installation starts from around 4.000-5.000 € and it’s adjusted to each case. Comparing the heat pump with an oil boiler, gas boiler or a biomass boiler and considering the present fuel prices , the economy in the operating costs can be as high as 75% and even that percentage may be even greater if we compare it as an air conditioning (heat - cold) to a combination of an oil boiler for heating and an air conditioner for cooling. We should take into account the type, the usage, the power, the operating hours and other technical factors in order to be more precise at the comparison of the different systems, however, the theory and the experience so far shows that in practice the heat pump has the lowest operating cost than any other system.

8) Finally is it good choice? What does ANDRIANOS company proposes?

Summarizing the data for the heat pumps we end up to the following:

- Low energy consumption when comparing with the output power, due to the high COP.

- Heating-cooling and domestic hot water applications with only one machine.

- Convenient installation without chimneys, boilers and tanks.

- Combination with solar thermal and geothermal systems for even greater energy savings

- Renewable energy sources with zero pollution

- Aesthetics and energy upgrade of the building and therefore greater commercial value.

- User friendly machines with easy interference and inspection

- Very low cost for maintenance

- Short return on investment despite the relatively high initial cost of their supply

So we conclude that under the right conditions and with the most optimal system selection, heat pumps provide the best economic and environmental solution to the final consumer. The competitive price of the electricity in relation with the ever increasing price of oil ensures a reduction of heating costs up to 75%. Considering all the other benefits, heat pumps are a modern and integrated solution in the building sector.

Therefore we proposes to anyone interested firstly to get in contact with engineers and specialized companies of that field so they get fully informed about all the facts and possibilities that the heat pumps provide. Under detailed study and personalized approach of every case, can be achieved not only an upgrade to the heating and cooling conditions, but also the maximization of the energy efficiency with eco friendlier systems that provide economy in their operating costs

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