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ANDRIANOS company, following its values, has set as a basic pillar of its development, the continuous updating and training of its partners. After a long pandemic period, ANDRIANOS successfully organized the 4th three days Panhellenic Symposium on Energy Solutions from March 2 to March 4 2023, at its facilities. An event that has now become an important and integral part of the educational activities and the operation of the company in general.  

The tourist resort "Kannas Mani Luxury Suites", located in Stoupa, consists of six luxurious suites, which were created to offer comfort, luxury and privacy to the guests who choose the wider area of West Mani for their holidays.

The owner, Mr. Michalis Kannas, chose ANDRIANOS for this business project as well, in order to ensure a complete solution for the energy needs of the resort, combining maximum energy savings and the absolute thermal comfort of the guests.

Another successful project of ANDRIANOS was completed in two newly built apartments in the center of Kalamata, where heat pumps and fan coils were installed for heating and cooling the spaces, mechanical ventilation systems for a healthy atmosphere, solar water heaters for the production of hot water and a Smart Home system for their precise local and remote control.

The owner of the apartments, after a careful market research, chose ANDRIANOS, which undertook the design, supply and installation of the necessary systems for heating, cooling, hot water production, ventilation and local and remote control.

Proper hydronic balancing in an underfloor heating system can ensure absolute thermal comfort as well as significant energy savings. However, it is a very difficult and laborious process, both for the engineers undertaking the study and design as well for the technicians installing and completing the project.

The owners of the two storey luxury hotel LIMIRA MARE in Neapoli, Laconia, decided to upgrade the cooling-heating and domestic hot water production systems, in order to fully satisfy the needs of the residents for thermal comfort and maximize energy savings. After extensive research of the market, they addressed to ANDRIANOS which, due to its huge experience in similar hotel projects, has many satisfied customers in the wider region of Laconia.

The owners of the well-known supermarket Leventogiannis at Nafplio were facing a problem with the intense heat in the summer months, and with the rapid dehydration that affected the quality of their fresh fruits and vegetables on the shelves. In order to provide a lasting solution to the problem, without making compromises on quality of their products, addressed to the experienced high-pressure misting engineers of ANDRIANOS.

Another quality project by ANDRIANOS and Energy Saving Tech Force (EOT-EΞE) has been completed at Patio Villas tourist accommodation in Neochori, Messinian Mani. With the top ARISTON Heat Pumps, CARRIER Fan Coils, ANDRIANOS Solar Water Heaters and SALUS Smart Home, a complete solution was provided that ensures ideal thermal comfort and is characterized by high reliability, economic operation and complete local and remote control.

The owners of Kalamata Papadimitriou vinegar factory, as part of an energy upgrade of factory, chose ANDRIANOS for the supply, installation, configuration and remote monitoring of the Domestic Hot Water Production (DHW) system to meet its needs of Hot Water for production processes, using the free Renewable Energy source of the Sun.

ANDRIANOS, as a pioneer in modern technologies for  Thermal Energy production of, had a dynamic presence at this year's "Climatherm - Energy" exhibition where it presented its rich range of products. The visit of the Minister of Environment & Energy Mr. Costas Skrekas during the 1st day of the exhibition was particularly important.

Another energy upgrade project in a hotel was completed with great success this time at the Pantheon City Hotel, in Gythio, Laconia. With energy saving rates of up to 95% in the projects it undertakes, ANDRIANOS has emerged as the first choice of hotel owners in the wider area of Peloponnese.

ANDRIANOS, as a pioneer in modern technologies for the production of Thermal Energy, had a dynamic presence at this year's "Climatherm - Energy" Exhibition where it presented its rich range of products for the DHW Production, Cooling, Heating & Autonomous Ventilation, as well as and their Building Management with Smart Home systems. The stand of ANDRIANOS stood out from the visitors of the exhibition, for the complete product package that it presented, while the visit of the Minister of Environment and Energy Mr. Costas Skrekas was especially important.

Once again this year, ANDRIANOS will give a dynamic presence at "Climatherm - Energy 2022", the largest and most important commercial fair in Greece and the Balkans, in the fields of Heating, Cooling, Ventilation and Solar Thermal Energy.

After a year of absence, “Climatherm - Energy”  is heading towards a post-COVID-19 era and taking into account the specific characteristics of the exhibition, is estimated that more than 25,000 visitors, professionals of the energy sector gonna be at the high standard exhibition centre "Athens Metropolitan Expo". The participants from the largest companies in the industry, from Greece and abroad, will present the latest developments in modern technology, from 25 to 27 February 2022.

The owners of the luxury residence in Kamaria Messinia, have chosen ANDRIANOS for the supply, installation and configuration of Heating systems, Production of Domestic Hot Water(DHW) and Smart Home. The aim of this installation was to achieve conditions of absolute thermal comfort, with high energy-saving systems, so that the investment can be amortized as soon as possible.

The experienced engineers of ANDRIANOS after studying the special needs of the owners, the climatic conditions of the area and the building, they chose the economic, but also an environmentally friendly solution, with a system consisting of 100% Renewable Energy Sources.

The owners of the old three-storey building on Vyronos Street, in the center of Kalamata, decided to proceed with its total renovation, for the purpose of its commercial exploitation. 

ANDRIANOS, with great experience in HVAC installations, has managed to implement projects like this, which to be completed required the cooperation of specialized engineers and energy technicians, as well as high know-how for the correct installation and configuration of the electromechanical systems. Thus, the owners upgraded the commercial value of their building, with an immediate depreciation investment, while offering absolute thermal comfort to the residents and users of the building.

The owner of Ostria Hotel,  Mr. Nikos Panagopoulos, addressed to ANDRIANOS, for the energy upgrade of the old Solar Heating system in combination with an oil boiler, which already existed in the hotel. After the study of the pre-existing conditions, as well as the analysis of the spaces and the needs of the hotel, the installation of a hybrid system for Hot Water Production was selected, with the use of 100% Renewable Energy Sources, which combines Solar Thermal system, Heat Pumps and Smart Home system for the analysis, monitoring and configuration remotely, with the benefit of energy / cost savings of 95%.

The new installation of the industrial high pressure misting system ANDRIANOS had impressive results, in one of the aggregates circulation units, in the TITAN cement industry, at the factory of Drepanos, Achaia!

The high pressure misting systems of ANDRIANOS finds application in another industrial sector with high demands, this of vehicle and machinery paints.

In industrial paints, the phenomenon of creating large amounts of dust, as well as the high temperatures, especially in summer months, cause adverse conditions for the workforce. In addition, airborne dust and odor particles are a serious problem in terms of health at work and the overall operation of machinery.

The installation of the industrial high pressure misting system of ANDRIANOS was completed with absolute success, in SUNLIGHT Recycling, the most modern battery recycling plant in Europe.

ANDRIANOS for another year will be present at "Climatherm - Energy 2022", the largest and most important trade fair in Greece and the Balkans,in the fields of Heating, Cooling, Ventilation and Solar Energy.

After a year of absence, “Climatherm - Energy” is heading for the "post Covid" era and with the dynamics that characterize it, will welcome more than 25,000 visitors, professionals of the energy sector, at the high standard exhibition centre "Athens Metropolitan Expo". The participants from the largest companies in the industry, from Greece and abroad, will present the latest developments in modern technology, from 25 to 27 February 2022.

Επαναπιστοποίηση της ANDRIANOS σύμφωνα με το νέο πρότυπο ISO 9001:2015, επιβεβαιώνοντας την στρατηγική επιλογή μας για προσήλωση στην ποιότητα & την καινοτομία

Successfull completion on the optimization and update of the processes and internal operations at ANDRIANOS Management System , in accordance to the ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001: 2015 standards.

ANDRIANOS was certified for the first time in 2001 in accordance to the ISO9001 Quality Assurance Standard and in 2011 in accordance to the ISO14001 Environmental Management Standard, in all areas of activities. Its Quality System remains active and improves with ongoing re-certification by the Certification Organization TUV Austria Hellas.


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