For the safe and efficient operation of the Solar Thermal System, apart from the solar panels, the solar boiler, the solar stations and the solar controller, many other accessories are equally important, such as:

  • Safety valves that can withstand -30oC to 160oC, with a maximum pressure of 10 bar

ANDRIANOS has been working on Solar Systems since 1994. Using its long experience in Solar Thermal Systems, it introduces, represents and distributes in the Greek market, products of the top companies, NMC Germany, TACONOVA Switzerland, IVR and WATTS Italy.

solar tubes NMC LOGO SMALL 



The brand ANDRIANOS in both Messinia and the rest of Greece is synonymous with quality and energy saving in Solar Thermal Systems. 

Download PDF with the leaflet of ANDRIANOS Solar Thermal Systems

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Flexible INOX Pipes and Insulation for Solar Systems

For the correct circulation of the thermal medium and the maximum reduction of the losses of the solar thermal system, the correct piping network is necessary. ANDRIANOS provides piping from AEROLINE Germany, for operation in Solar Thermal Systems.


Double spiral stainless pipe NMC ECO SOLAR Germany

swlhnwseis hliakwn

Corrugated double pipe for solar systems with quality insulation 13mm in sizes from DN16 to DN25 for solar systems

Available in length 50m with one connection set, is included (1 double nipple, 4 gaskets, 4 clamping washers, 4 union nuts and 1 stainless steel washer)

Also available in ring packaging or less meters, depending on your needs. In package of ring is not included the connection set.

Spiral pipe stainless monorail NMC CLASSIC Germany

swlhnwseis hliakwn aerorapid

For solar systems with large piping dimensions DN32 & DN40

Double spiral stainless pipe NMC INOX PRO Germany

swlhnwseis hliakwn aeroline

The best quality of the market, with 23mm insulation

For all piping systems, the respective mounting and connection kits are available.

swlhnwseis hliakwn aeroline set sundeshs 2 swlhnwseis hliakwn aeroline set sundeshs 3 swlhnwseis hliakwn aeroline set sundeshs swlhnwseis hliakwn aeroline set sundeshs 4


Special Regulating Valves Taconova Switzerland for Solar Systems


Balancing and shut off valve Tacosseter Bypass Solar 130

This high temperature bypass valve Tacosetter Bypass Solar 130 is ideal for hydraulic balancing of collector arrays of different sizes


  • Bypass operation up to 130 oC/ 8bar, with lock kit (included in delivery) up to 185 oC/ 10 bar.
  • Fast setting by direct flow rate indication in l / min.
  • Any positioning & no maintenance required.
  • Also available with special insulation box according to ENEV standard for thermal insulation from -30oC to 130oC

Βalancing valve Tacosetter Bypass Flange 

Ρυθμιστική βαλβίδα Tacosetter Bypass Flange

Tacosetter Bypass Flange balancing valve, gray iron, gray coating,flange DIN/PN16 ΤΒ100°C, PB 10bar

Βalancing valve Tacosetter Inline 130 

PB TacoSetter Inline 130

The Tacosetter Inline 130 line regulator, with TB 130oC and PB 8bar, for smaller supplies from the Bypass line

Βalancing valve Tacosetter Tronic

PB TacoSetter Tronic

The Tacosetter Tronic balancing valve with Flow and Temperature Measurement, TB 120oC, PB 8bar.


  • Exact and fast measurement of flow volume and temperature.
  • Exceptional measurement accuracy
  • Measuring range: 0oC - 100oC. / Water / glucose viscosity ≤ 4mm² / s / Glucose resistant / Any placement, minimum pressure loss / No moving parts, no maintenance required.

Valves and accessories for solar thermal systems (Certified for resistance to very high temperatures)


Ball valve total flow IVR Italy Solar Line

Σφαιρική βάνα ολικής παροχής IVR Ιταλίας Solar Line ΘΧΘ

Ball valve total flow IVR Italy Solar Line FxF with a handle suitable for hydraulic solar installations.


  • With operating temperatures from -30oC to + 180oC, maximum pressure 16 bar.
  • Suitable for hydraulic circuits with a mixture of glycol up to 50%

Safety valve IVR Italy

valbida ivr 1

Safety valve with 1/2 X 3/4 internal / internal threads IVR Italy and presets at 3,4 and 6 bar.


  • With operating temperatures from -30oC to + 180oC, maximum pressure 16 bar.
  • Suitable for hydraulic circuits with a mixture of glycol up to 50%

Automatic vent valve IVR Italy for solar systems

Αυτόματη βαλβίδα εξαέρωσης IVR

Automatic air vent IVR solar line, threaded ends M


  • With operating temperatures from -30oC to + 200oC, maximum pressure 10 bar.
  • Suitable for hydraulic circuits with a mixture of glycol up to 50%

Exvoid solar - Air bubble separator REFLEX Germany

REFLEXExvoid A 3 4V

Air bubble separator, "Exvoid solar", REFLEX Germany,  brass, 10 bar, 180oC

The high antifreeze content and the possibility of high temperatures make the evaporation of solar systems particularly difficult.

Exvoid solar degassers are preferably installed at the high points of the plant. The microbubbles are removed quickly and reliably.


  • Swivels out the free air microbubbles
  • Automatic continuous operation
  • Causes minimal pressure drop without fluctuations
  • Suitable for antifreeze up to 50%
  • Significantly accelerates hydraulic balancing after filling the plant
  • Prevents noise generation, corrosion damage due to corrosion and reduced performance due to high air concentration
  • Full range of products for various pressures, temperatures and materials.

Novamix - Thermostatic Mixing Valve TACONOVA Switzerland


Thermostatic Mixing Valve TACONOVA Switzerland Novamix high-pressure supply with burn-in protection in the event of failure of cold water supply.


  • Operating temperature 20 -70oC, flow 102lt / min at Δp = 1bar (Kvs1 = 6,1), Tmax 90oC
  • Pmax 10bar. Kvs1: no non-return valve, Kvs2: with non-return valve
  • Constant water temperature at the outlet.
  • Automatic operation without the need for mixing for auxiliary power.
  • Large setpoint range of 20 - 70oC.
  • High setting accuracy and flow rates. Very low rate of cold water leakage.
  • Valve housing with non-stick coating for protection against salt contamination.
  • Installation instructions for reliefs in the housing: Flow direction, hot (+), cold (-) and water mixer
  • It can also be used as a diverting valve.
  • Extensive range of accessories and spare parts.

Thermostatic Mixing Valve Watts Italy

Θερμοστατική αναμεικτική βαλβίδα Watts

Thermostatic Mixing Valve Watts Italy for large installations, for swimming pools, sports centers, schools, factories, hotels, spa, hospitals, etc.

It allows controlling and maintaining the mixed water temperature at a constant level even if there are changes in the grid temperature (1.5 bar). Brass body. Includes filters and anti-reverse valves.


  • It has special protection against salt deposits.
  • Setting temperature: 10 - 50oC (on request can be manufactured with a range of 30 - 70oC or 50 - 90oC).
  • In order to avoid salt infiltration, water is interrupted when cold water does not enter for 25sec.
  • Operating Pmax: 10bar, Operating Tmax: 85oC.
  • The water supply is guaranteed by pressure variations: 3bar. Minimum Input Output Difference: 5oC.

3 way Modulating control valve MXG461B Siemens

Θερμοστατική αναμεικτική βαλβίδα Watts

3 way Modulating control valve MXG461B  series Siemens with magnetic actuators, positioning control and position feedback for domestic water , PN16, IP31

The MXG641B valves are through – port or mixing valves with magnetic actuators. The actuator is equipped with an electronic module for positioning control and position feedback. The short positioning time, high resolution and high rangeability make these valves ideal for modulating control of domestic, hot and cold water systems.


  • Selectable valve characteristics: Equal percentage or linear
  • Selectable standard interface : 0/2 to 10 Vdc, or ./4 to 20 mA
  • Fast positioning time <2 s.
  • High resolution (>1:1000)
  • High rangeability
  • Wear-free inductive stroke measurement
  • Spring return A – AB closed when de-energized
  • Positioning control and position feedback signal
  • Low – friction, heavy – duty and maintenance – free
  • Accepts 0 to 20 Vdc phase-cut control signal input

Immersion temperature controller RLE162 Siemens

Θερμοστατική αναμεικτική βαλβίδα Watts

Immersion temperature controller RLE162 Siemens AC 24 V, DC 0...10 V output, ΙΡ65.

Compact electronic controller with immersion type temperature sensor and setting unit combined in one device. It is designed for installation directly onto the plant. Only the wires for power supply connection and controller output need to be laid. Supplied with threaded nipple for direct temperature sensing.


  • Domestic hot water temperature
  • Heating flow temperature
  • Closed circuit heat exchangers
  • Water – side control of HVAC units
  • Chilled water temperature

Thermostatic kit Watts Italy for solar system and wall-mounted gas boilers

kit watts

Automation for connection of the solar collector with the gas boiler and the cooperation between them.

Provides uninterrupted hot water to the user for installations that use solar in conjunction with other heat source such as boiler.

Absolutely autonomous, running without power.


  • If the water in the solar tank is already too hot (above the desired setpoint of 45oC), it will automatically mix with cold water through the heat sink so that the water at the outlet has a safe constant temperature.
  • When the temperature in the tank is too low (below 45oC), switching to a heat source (gas boiler) which will heat the water and then mix to reach the set-up temperature for the various hot water needs at the building.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fully autonomous: energy saving.
  • No wires and sensor cables: save time.
  • Easy installation for new or old facilities.
  • Distribution of hot water to the existing grid at an ideal temperature setting.
  • Integrated protection using a thermomechanical valve, and an automatic switching valve. Combination of valves in KIT for easy installation.

Technical data:

  • Messon: Drinking water
  • Switching valve opening temperature: 45 ° C (factory setting).
  • Temperature control valve temperature range: 30oC - 65oC
  • Maximum static pressure: 10 bar
  • Hot and cold water flow pressure: 0.2 to 5 bar
  • Hot water supply temperature: 52 * to 110oC, cold water: 5 to 20oC
  • * The temperature difference between hot water and mixing water must be at least 10oC


Expressions of interest

If you are interested in ANDRIANOS products, please call at +3027210 23124 or fill out the form. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Solar Thermal Projects by ANDRIANOS

18 March 2021
The energy upgrade of the MANIATIS hotel included the supply and installation of ANDRIANOS solar thermal system, based on the top collectors (AND-solar Premium) and the innovative solar boilers ANDRIANOS Pro-Hyg with temperature stratification.
22 May 2017
Renewable Sources of Energy (RSE) are the best solution for not only energy saving but also for the protection of the environment. Especially at the mesmerizing island of Elafonisos, with the protected area NATURA, the choice of solar thermal for domestic hot water, was the most appropriate for the owners of the hotel Maniatis Studio.
4 May 2017
Elafonisos offers its visitors emerald water beaches, sand dunes and bright sky with unlimited solar energy. In this charming island, right across from Neapolis of Laconia, a new modern hotel unit has been built and is powered by the energy of the Sun, thanks to the TiSUN solar systems.
13 September 2013
The largest public solar thermal project in Greece completed with great success. The project was undertaken by "ANDRIANOS" company, after participating in an open international competition. The project was funded by the program EPPERAA (Operational Programme for Environment and Sustainable Development), and specifically from the Priority Axis 1 for the Protection of Atmospheric Environment - Tackling Climate Change - Renewable Energy. The energy inspection of the project was done by Dr . Engineer M.I.T. Mr. Efthimiadis Apostolos in cooperation with the technical department of the Hospital. The final study was conducted by the scientific team of "ANDRIANOS ", headed by the Electrical Engineer, Mr. George Andrianos and the significant contribution of Mechanical Engineer , Mr Othonas Siagkas, on specific issues .
8 November 2012
The picturesque and well organized city of Rethymnon with the strong hotel infrastructure, is an ideal tourist destination for visitors who want to spend relaxing holidays wandering through the narrow streets, enjoying the paths between the historical monuments and natural sites of the area or the beautiful sun at the long sandy beach. In this city of Crete, a large hotel complex proceeded, in cooperation with ANDRIANOS company (a leading nationwide in the field of solar thermal), on the installation of solar thermal systems for hot water use.


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