Heating costs are a significant part of the operating costs of businesses, while the ever-increasing cost of electricity and fuel (oil, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas) is a deterrent to many businesses.

Are you still looking for professional heating systems to reduce the operating costs of your business?

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At ANDRIANOS we specialize in finding solutions for optimal energy management in professional spaces. We create heating systems with the lowest possible operating costs without compromising on the thermal comfort of the space, achieving substantial energy savings.

The engineers and electrical engineers of ANDRIANOS, in combination with the specialized technicians of the unique Special Group of Energy Saving Techniques (EOT-EXE) in Greece, which has created in recent years, are well aware that each case is different.

Thus, we make a complete recording of the current situation and preparation of a preliminary design in professional heating systems, based on the condition of the electromechanical equipment and the lowest possible installation and operation costs.

The options for professional heating systems are now many:

Heat Pumps with impressive energy efficiency can easily be combined to connect to an oil or gas fuel boiler and a solar system to significantly reduce energy costs. Learn more:

Heat Pumps

Solar Thermal Systems is the solution for low or even zero power consumption, offering independence from the continuous increases in fuel and electricity prices. Learn more:


Solar Thermal Systems

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LPG or Natural Gas facilities offer low energy consumption for space heating.They are the ultimate "tool" in some industries, such as restaurants, fast food, bakeries, patisseries, etc., as it can also be connected to the professional kitchen, for safe and delicious cooking, with advantages such as immediate, strong, controlled and clean burning. Learn more:

LPG Components & Accessories LPG Storage Tanks LPG - Natural Gas Systems Condensing Gas Boilers

Conventional heating with oil, although it does not offer very high efficiency, can be easily combined with modern thermal energy production systems, such as heat pumps, solar heating, etc. With proper adjustment and proper automation, they can offer the maximum as a subset of the hybrid system. Learn more:

Oil Installations Hybrid Systems

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Regardless of the heating system to be selected, its control also offers significant savings. Thanks to modern control systems, such as Smart Home - Smart Building Systems, Heating Automation and Modern Thermostats, provide quality control and extra savings. While they also offer functions for remote control and configuration, detailed monitoring of the proper operation of all systems, as well as for their immediate optimization by a specialized department of technicians, without requiring their on-site visit.

Smart Home Systems Thermostats - Automation

In addition, in heat recovery ventilation systems, they offer additional savings in heating costs, reducing the energy losses caused by conventional ventilation and aeration in buildings. The air-to-air exchanger recovers the discarded thermal energy, heating or cooling the room air, depending on the prevailing thermal conditions inside the room.


Heat Recovery Ventilation

Finally, there are many options for heating domestic water, which in some industries, such as hotels, is the biggest part of their energy needs throughout the year.

One of the most advantageous solutions for our country is solar heating for solar heating and storage of water. In addition, the Heat Pumps are specially designed to best meet the requirements for direct hot water production.

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In addition, for the production of Domestic Hot Water, there are autonomous solutions that are proposed, such as the solar water heater, which is widely used in our country, due to the great sunshine. Electric water heaters are high-energy products and are fully compliant with the ErP regulation, ensuring even greater comfort and economy.

Solar Water HeatersElectric Water Heaters

At ANDRIANOS since 1994, we have developed relationships of trust with many long-term customers, standing out for our commitment to product quality, excellence in our work and the absolute satisfaction of our customers' needs.

With 25 years of experience in designing, installing and maintaining energy efficient systems in commercial buildings and businesses, such as Shops, Offices, Crafts, Industries, Hotels, Schools, Hospitals, etc., we carry out substantial energy upgrade projects, offering amortization of up to 50% amount of your investment in the first year.

Commercial Heating

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