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ANDRIANOS has been engaged in solar thermal systems since 1994 and has products and solutions for all applications, from the simple cases of a solar heater, to the most demanding and modern systems. ANDRIANOS solar thermal products are designed and selected for high performance, quality, aesthetics, energy saving and low emissions. They are combined with the latest technologies and holistic know-how of ANDRIANOS to create Solar Thermal Systems for every requirement, from the smallest home or office to the largest professional-industrial building. 

Since 2015 ANDRIANOS plans and manufactures  thermosiphonic solar water heaters, flat panel solar collectors, solar tanks, solar stations and solar controllers, with the brand name "ANDRIANOS - World Leading Solar Thermal Technologies". It offers its customers one of the most quality and competitive solutions in Europe.

ANDRIANOS SOLAR THERMAL SMALL BACKGROUND                      World TOP 10 solar collector     

The High-performance Solar Collectors AND-SOLAR Premium Plus are among the TOP 5 in the field of flat selective collectors in the world with ηcol = 69% in accordance to EN12975 and ηcol=65% according to ISO9806:2013 The solar collectors are manufactured in Greece and are certified by Solar KeyMark. Their materials are of high quality and guarantee long-lasting trouble-free operation. Check the relevant certificates:



ANDRIANOS Solar Tanks are compatible with all current heating systems. The space-saving construction structure, the simple layout, the modern design and high performance make them an ideal solution for reliable energy savings. 

For the operation and adjustment of the entire solar thermal system, ANDRIANOS has cleverly integrated Swiss Solar Station packages, which are ready for connection to single or double piping with integrated TacoSetter Inline 130 balancing valve, safety group and ventilation unit. Together with the Solar Controllers of the leading European companies RESOL & SALUS, are responsible for the regulation and logging of the important parameters of the solar system, so they allow a comfortable energy management for many years.


Products for Solar Thermal Systems

ANDRIANOS SOLAR THERMAL SMALL A Manufacturer ANDRIANOS: High-performance Solar Collectors for advanced solar systems (solar thermal) for heating, hot water, heating swimming pools and solar cooling. Προηγμένα ηλιακά συστήματαsolar collector and solar thumpnail
ANDRIANOS SOLAR THERMAL SMALL A Manufacturer ANDRIANOS: Solar Tanks for solar thermal systems for heating, hot water, heating swimming pools and solar cooling solar tank and solar fs2 small
ANDRIANOS SOLAR THERMAL SMALL A Manufacturer ANDRIANOS: Thermosiphonic Solar water heaters AND-solar by ANDRIANOS. ANDRIANOS Solar Hliakos
solar tubes NMC LOGO SMALL Exclusive representative NMCGermany: Flexible insulated Inox piping and insulation, certified for solar systems Εύκαμπτες μονωμένες σωληνώσεις Inox
Τaconova Representative TACONOVA Switzerland: Solar Stations Ρυθμιστικές Βαλβίδες, Θερμοστατικές Βαλβίδες
Τaconova Representative TACONOVA Switzerland valves, thermostatic valves. Certified for solar systems Ρυθμιστικές Βαλβίδες, Θερμοστατικές Βαλβίδες
Τaconova valves Representative TACONOVA Switzerland: Thermostatic Valves for hot water
Τaconova valves Representative RESOL: Solar Controlers solar controler resol deltasol sl
Τaconova valves Representative SALUS: Solar Controlers solar controler salus pcsol 201



The Advantages of Solar Thermal Technology



 Power Safety

The sun shines all year round for free! Vast quantities of pure en- ergy: inexhaustible, environ- mentally friendly and free.




Environmentally friendly

A solar system saves a single household a tonne of CO2 each year.




 Energy saving

ANDRIANOS solar systems can cover up to 85% of the energy needed in the form of hot water and heating.




 Maturre Technology

Thanks to our mature and patented technology, we bring the sun into your home. ANDRIANOS solar plants combine maximum efficiency with minimum consumption.




Low Cost

ANDRIANOS solar plants use solar energy to prepare hot water and support heating. Optimal insulation of the house can save up to 60% of the total heat demand due to free solar radiation.





Service & Maintenance

In addition to quality and innovation, it is also the customer service that has made us one of the leading companies in the field of solar heating. Service does not end at ANDRIANOS with the purchase or installation of a solar installation.




Proven Quality

Certificates and Approval Seals guarantee that ANDRIANOS products meet the strictest quality criteria. From 2015 all AND solar collectors feature the Solar Keymark, which is the globally recognized quality certificate in Europe.




 Guaranteed Quality 

we offer 10 years warranty on all factory-made solar panels. All our accumulators are offered with a 5 year warranty.


Contact ANDRIANOS Team for more information about solar collectors


Solar Thermal Systems

A solar thermal system includes solar collectors, one or more solar tanks and individual systems, such as the solar station with its circulator and controller and sometimes the plant for hot water.

Collectors must be high-performance, either are flat with a selective coating on their surfaces, or consisting of vacuum tubes where the collectors' surface is in vacuum for insulation purposes.

The capacity of the solar tank, according to the model we choose, reaches up to 2.000 lt for domestic applications. Domestic hot water (DHW) is usually manufactured with a direct production station when the demand is high via an external exchanger and the corresponding circulators.

In addition, a complete installation must be accompanied by a heating system that will cover the heat demand when the stored energy of the tank is not enough. The condensing boilers with oil or gas or alternatively the use of an air /or water heat pump are the ideally for solar-assisted heating systems are considered.



Components & Accessories for Solar Systems

For the safe and efficient operation of the Solar Thermal System, apart from the solar panels, the solar boiler, the solar stations and the controller, many other accessories are equally important, such as:


    • Certified Piping, for solar circulation systems
    • Special Pressure Regulating Valves, certified up to 130oC / 8 bar
    • Certified Valves for resistance to very high temperatures up to 180oC
    • Safety valves that can withstand -30 ° C to 160 ° C, with a maximum pressure of 10 bar
    • Ventilation Valves & Microfibers Separators.
    • Three-way mixing / thermostatic valves for regulating hot water
    • Automation for connecting the solar panels with the gas boiler and the cooperation between them



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