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Solar technology (or, in other words, solar heat) converts solar energy into useful heat: economically, efficiently and safely. All you need is the solar radiation and the technology of ANDRIANOS solar systems. One solar collector, 4 to 6 square meters in size, is enough to supply hot water to an average household of 4 people. In this way, solar heat covers 25% of a person's energy needs. Then you can easily save about 80% of the energy consumed for space heating, with the sole condition that you support your solar heating. That is, with a solar heating system, signed by ANDRIANOS.




Cost of Solar Heating

The price of a solar heating system varies depending on the installation and the required needs. ANDRIANOS has a wide range of collectors, containers and solar controllers, so in each installation the appropriate materials are selected, as a result of which the needs are covered with the lowest possible cost. Don't be fooled by the high cost of some products, the most important factor after all is the depreciation of your investment. Some examples of the cost of solar heating and estimated depreciation can be found on the pages of Home Solar Heating and Hotel Solar Heating.

Find out about the price of a solar water heater

Solar Thermal Systems

Optimal harmonization of all components of the system - articulated collector, fresh water solar collector or solar layered collector and solar installation control system - ensures proper and efficient operation.

The basic parts of a solar thermal system


Expressions of interest

If you are interested in ANDRIANOS products, please call at +3027210 23124 or fill out the form. We will contact you as soon as possible.


The Advantages of Solar Thermal Technology



 Power Safety

The sun shines all year round for free! Vast quantities of pure en- ergy: inexhaustible, environ- mentally friendly and free.




Environmentally friendly

A solar system saves a single household a tonne of CO2 each year.




 Energy saving

ANDRIANOS solar systems can cover up to 85% of the energy needed in the form of hot water and heating.




 Maturre Technology

Thanks to our mature and patented technology, we bring the sun into your home. ANDRIANOS solar plants combine maximum efficiency with minimum consumption.




Low Cost

ANDRIANOS solar plants use solar energy to prepare hot water and support heating. Optimal insulation of the house can save up to 60% of the total heat demand due to free solar radiation.





Service & Maintenance

In addition to quality and innovation, it is also the customer service that has made us one of the leading companies in the field of solar heating. Service does not end at ANDRIANOS with the purchase or installation of a solar installation.




Proven Quality

Certificates and Approval Seals guarantee that ANDRIANOS products meet the strictest quality criteria. From 2015 all AND solar collectors feature the Solar Keymark, which is the globally recognized quality certificate in Europe.




 Guaranteed Quality 

we offer 10 years warranty on all factory-made solar panels. All our accumulators are offered with a 5 year warranty.


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Applications of Solar Thermal Systems

Solar Thermal can be used in the following applications:

  • Water heating in homes and hotels.
  • Heating (assistance) of spaces in homes, hotels and other business premises.
  • Swimming pool water heating.
  • Industrial thermal processes.

Applications of Solar Thermal Systems ANDRIANOS

ANDRIANOS offers solar thermal systems with guaranteed energy savings. Has supplied and installed solar systems for any type of application. Indicatively you can see:

Solar Thermal Domestic installations of ANDRIANOS

Includes indicative projects of solar heating installations in houses, both for the production of domestic hot water and for the assistance of heating.

Solar Thermal Hotel installations of ANDRIANOS

Includes indicative projects of solar installations in hotels and tourist complexes, both for the production of domestic hot water and for the assistance of heating.

Various Solar Thermal Installations of ANDRIANOS

Includes indicative projects of solar installations in public buildings, industrial applications, as well as heating of swimming pools.

Solar Thermal Projects by ANDRIANOS

18 March 2021
The energy upgrade of the MANIATIS hotel included the supply and installation of ANDRIANOS solar thermal system, based on the top collectors (AND-solar Premium) and the innovative solar boilers ANDRIANOS Pro-Hyg with temperature stratification.
22 May 2017
Renewable Sources of Energy (RSE) are the best solution for not only energy saving but also for the protection of the environment. Especially at the mesmerizing island of Elafonisos, with the protected area NATURA, the choice of solar thermal for domestic hot water, was the most appropriate for the owners of the hotel Maniatis Studio.
4 May 2017
Elafonisos offers its visitors emerald water beaches, sand dunes and bright sky with unlimited solar energy. In this charming island, right across from Neapolis of Laconia, a new modern hotel unit has been built and is powered by the energy of the Sun, thanks to the TiSUN solar systems.
13 September 2013
The largest public solar thermal project in Greece completed with great success. The project was undertaken by "ANDRIANOS" company, after participating in an open international competition. The project was funded by the program EPPERAA (Operational Programme for Environment and Sustainable Development), and specifically from the Priority Axis 1 for the Protection of Atmospheric Environment - Tackling Climate Change - Renewable Energy. The energy inspection of the project was done by Dr . Engineer M.I.T. Mr. Efthimiadis Apostolos in cooperation with the technical department of the Hospital. The final study was conducted by the scientific team of "ANDRIANOS ", headed by the Electrical Engineer, Mr. George Andrianos and the significant contribution of Mechanical Engineer , Mr Othonas Siagkas, on specific issues .
8 November 2012
The picturesque and well organized city of Rethymnon with the strong hotel infrastructure, is an ideal tourist destination for visitors who want to spend relaxing holidays wandering through the narrow streets, enjoying the paths between the historical monuments and natural sites of the area or the beautiful sun at the long sandy beach. In this city of Crete, a large hotel complex proceeded, in cooperation with ANDRIANOS company (a leading nationwide in the field of solar thermal), on the installation of solar thermal systems for hot water use.


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