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Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is one of the most reliable energy solutions, thanks to its ease of use, and finds applications in both the residential, professional and industrial sectors. It is considered to be a top choice for heating, cooking, hot water production and a variety of thermal processes in the industrial and professional sectors. In any case, for the efficient and safe operation of a domestic or industrial gas network, the appropriate LPG components are necessary.


LPG for the home

εξαρτηματα υγραεριου για οικιακα δικτυα υγραεριου

Why LPG at Home?

The use of LPG for domestic use may not be so widespread in Greece, but it has been established in many advanced countries for many decades. There gas is the driving force behind basic functions of the house and it is inconceivable not to use it. And not accidentally, of course, since its advantages over other energy forms are significant and tested:


Due to the high calorific power of the fuel, as well as the very advanced technology (continuous proportional combustion regulation, condensation method, internal temperature compensation software) of gas appliances such as burners, wall mounted boilers, water heaters and cooking appliances, the result of the combustion is of a high degree of efficiency, of the order of 93 to 98.5%.



Economy is a priority for the family and LPG is one of the most economical sources of energy. Thus, the LNG reduction of monthly expenditure in relation to corresponding uses of electricity and oil is a measurable benefit to the family budget.

Unlimited hot water

Quality in warm water, abundance and speed are among the most demanding in the modern home. Liquid gas ensures it to the fullest extent, providing instantaneous and uninterrupted hot water. At any time of the day, the consumer wants hot water, without waiting and other processes, as with the liquefied gas, the running water is heated. Thus, the well-known electric water heater and the traditional boiler, which with the retention of water and its non-continuous renewal, among others, create conditions of doubtful hygiene. Liquefied petroleum gas is also superior to solar thermal heaters, which, on the one hand, have limited efficiency during the winter months with low sunshine and on the other hand they have a specific lifetime and provide a certain amount of water while LPG is unlimited.


Quality in cooking

It is no coincidence that all professional chefs use only hotplates and gas stoves, since the kitchen is another area where LPG gives something else. Foods cooked in LPG appliances get a distinct flavor and their delicacy is not compared to those from electric kitchens. Knowing the difference in practice, restaurant specialists use LPG only to showcase their culinary experiences. Thus we combine high quality food preparation with the undoubted speed offered by LPG. Finally, savings of up to 40% compared to cooking appliances are worth saving.

Environmentally friendly

In heating, LPG offers speed and quality of combustion because it is clean fuel that does not burden the environment and your burner. It is therefore fairly one of the ecological species. In addition, it saves valuable space for the house that does not need the oil-burning boiler room. LPG has been and will be the world's most suitable fuel for heating autonomous spaces.

Easy installation

The installation of the gas network in a newly built home is now a simple matter in terms of work time, and it is extremely safe if it is implemented by experts. But economically it has also become advantageous in relation to the corresponding oil. Modern systems have a prediction of operation and natural gas, so when it reaches Southwest Greece it takes only a simple move to replace.

No fear, no difficulties

Handling the LPG system is an issue that concerns some. However, it is not necessary, since Andrianos and her local associates undertake the excellent education of the consumer. Specialized technicians learn quickly, and in a comprehensible way, the manipulation, removing any fears and difficulties. In addition, our technicians and our local partners are always available for advice and service if needed.

Using LPG in your home.

LPG is very flexible and can be used both inside and outside your home for heating, hot water, cooking, barbecue, and swimming pools.
LPG is a less harmful fuel to your environment and health.
LPG combustion products emit smaller amounts of CO2 than other fuels (with the exception of natural gas) that have low sulfur content and produce fewer particles that can cause air pollution.
LPG is reliable, transportable and flexible and can be used in a wide range of applications. It provides instantly available heat and is easily controlled to make it the perfect alternative to the gas network.

The modern, economical solution.

Bulk LPG in a tank is one of the most modern and environmentally friendly forms of energy, with unique advantages for every home. Offering economy and autonomy, home or business comes to upgrade our quality of life and "warm" the atmosphere easily and quickly. Providing savings of up to 30% on oil, LPG is ideal for central heating systems, ideal for professional or domestic kitchens, and LPG flow heater for hot water, even for air conditioning or heated swimming pools.

It is an ideal solution for off-gas areas, so that we can all enjoy the power, efficiency and flexibility of a new, alternative and clean energy for every need.

Andrianos delivers LPG installations with all the statutory certifications, security and economy, after a complete study of space, according to Government Gazette 1257/2003.


LPG in the business

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The driving force of the professional

In the professional field, LPG has also been established in our country and is the absolute "tool" in some sectors, such as restaurants, fast food, bakeries, pastry shops. In these categories, dirt is considered necessary, serving the best for professionals in performance, quality and economy. Hotels are another area where LPG is widely used, while in crafts and industry it is gaining an ever greater share.

Of course, in all professional cases, the quality and completeness in terms of the safety of the LPG installation plays a key role, with the observance of the established technical specifications, which is ensured only by specialists. In addition, modern technology provides multiple solutions to the professional, such as wall-mounted heating boilers, tanks, bottles, machinery & gas appliances.

Study of needs for absolute economy

We undertake a full study of each project in the LPG sector. Starting with combustion requirements and network design, we offer alternative designs for construction equipment and installation measures - detection systems (according to the specific provisions for LPG installations). This results in a network operation and ensuring the smooth operation of the project in all parameters as well as filling the consumer safety controls.
With an in-depth study of space and requirements, Andrianos always gives the right solution, combined with maximum economy. Professionals are mainly making use of LPG for heating, economy and safety. It is noted that its uses include kitchen appliances and laundry equipment.



The safety issue is of primary importance for LPG networks. To a degree that is not comparable to other fuels. Τhe strict standards, mechanisms and latest technology safeguards, regular checks by specialized companies and certified smooth operation, create an unsurpassed safety net. Therefore the user, since it has entrusted the gas installation company with the necessary expertise and the appropriate technical staff, which will apply in the letter rules in mounting and service, can and should feel perfectly quiet.


Measurement and control technology is a science in its own right.
Or perhaps we should say it's a science for us.


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GOK is Germany's leading company in the field of measurement and control technology for LPG and heating oil. By the way, the company's name comes from the founders' names, Karl-Heinz Kleine and Josef Gottfried. But much more interesting is the fact that, for many years in the field of measurement and control technology, the name GOK has been synonymous with innovative strength, quality and safety.

Primarily, GOK focus on LPG systems, leisure-time LPG applications, oil-burning installations and modern tank management. In these areas it provides a full range of products with components, solutions and systems – in other words, a lot more than simply high-quality regulators and fittings.
Whether for trade or industry – GOK sees itself as a partner for its customers and supports them with extensive consultation and services. Users such as campers and house owners choose GOK because they are looking for durability, reliability and uncompromising safety.

Since 2001, Andrianos has undertaken the exclusive distribution of the German GOK in Greece and is supplying with consistence the Greek and Cypriot markets with gas pressure regulators, manifold for gas arrays, gas meters, gas valves and other components for gas networks.

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